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How to make your bridal shower fun?


Bridal showers can be either really fun or extremely boring. This is because the fun element at your wedding functions depends upon how you plan everything. However, not everyone has what it takes to plan a good event. You can either do some research yourself or hire someone to do the job. To help you with it, we have created a guide to help you make your bridal shower fun.

Invite your friends 

As much as you would have fun with your family at any event – we can agree to the fact that friends can make everything 10 times better. Therefore, make sure to invite your friends over for your bridal shower. You can either drop them a simple message or send them a bridal shower invitation. To make it easy for yourself, look for a bridal shower template online and make an invitation yourself (it will be easier and will help you save money).

Arrange games 

Having the best food and decor will often fall short if you do not have any activities planned for your friends at the bridal shower. Therefore, do some research and come up with some interactive games that everyone can play at the event and have fun with.

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For example, musical chairs or dumb charades. Now, we know that these games can sound very childish. But, if you organize the theme well and you have an engaging audience the vent can turn out to be a banger. And everyone will appreciate these little gestures at the event.

Photo Booth 

Another way to add some sass to your bridal shower is to have a photo booth at the vent. Firstly because people these days will love to get their photos clicked at the photo booth and it will be a good memory for them when they look at the  photos a few years down the line.

However, the photo booth will also provide people with a way to engage with each other. So your photo booth will definitely be a hit at the event.

Arrange a DJ

Music makes everything sound better (no pun intended). But, you cannot deny the fact that a nice playlist will make your event stand out from the crowd. It is because people will feel more lively throughout the event. And when we say “DJ” – it does not mean that you turn your bridal shower into a nightclub. But some cute Ed Sheeran songs will make the party worth attending.

So, do not forget to add some speakers to the setup or hire a DJ to get the job done. As long as the music keeps playing – you will be good to go.

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Desserts Bar

Yes, you can arrange all the food that you want. But, if your desserts are not on point then the whole party will miss the beat. Therefore, if you can afford it and have time on hand – get a dessert bar for the bridal shower—for example, a ton of dessert and a chocolate fountain. Your friends and family will appreciate your effort.


Bridal showers are meant to be an intimate affair. However, it does not mean that you can’t have some fun at the party. Therefore, do some research and add some fun elements to the mix for a great time at the event. It is because the main task that you need to accomplish at the event is to have fun with your friends and family. So, plan ahead of time and add some elements like a DJ system to entertain your guests at the bridal shower.


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