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What aspects should you pay attention to while buying a solar battery for home?


Batteries for storing photovoltaic solar energy are becoming more and more affordable and the reasons why people are looking for this solution are several: stop using the electricity grid, ensure stability in the energy supply, reduce energy consumption during the peak hours or opt for clean energy. Batteries, in addition to being a more economical option, contribute to the preservation of the environment.

For you to understand how photovoltaic solar energy storage works, it is important to know that there are two types of solar battery configurations:


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Off-grid system – the property is not connected to the mains. That is, 100% of your electricity is generated by your solar panels and is stored in solar battery for home in order to use overnight.

According to the image, the distribution of off-grid energy happens like this:

  1. Solar panel produces electrical energy (DC);
  2. Solar inverter converts energy into alternating current;
  3. Energy produced by the panels is stored in the solar battery;
  4. Light frame distributes energy to the house;
  5. Energy consumption.

When to choose the off-grid system?

For a solar system to produce energy and generate electricity it depends, of course, on the radiation of sunlight.

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Therefore, in on-grid systems, in periods when there is no solar lighting or energy to be compensated by the utility, consumers need to buy electricity, being hostage to sunny days and the distribution company. 


Off-grid photovoltaic installations generally comprise four pieces of equipment: solar panels, charge regulators, inverters and finally, batteries. These are the ones that store electricity so that, in times when there is no sun, the system continues to work without relying on electricity from electricity concessionaires. 

For the installation of solar panels to be a more efficient resource and to work autonomously, it is necessary to use the battery for the solar panel. The off-grid photovoltaic energy model can be considered self-sufficient, and the implementation of this independent system is complex, involving a higher cost.

What are the advantages of using the battery for solar panel?

In many places it is not possible to connect the solar panels to the electricity grid, either because of the difficulty encountered in the physical distance, usually when it comes to agribusiness, or because of the amount of energy to be produced and supported by the electricity grid of the distribution company.

It is in this scenario that using a system that works in isolation is a fundamental aspect. Thus, the off-grid model that integrates the solar battery for home offers several benefits. Among them, it is worth mentioning:

  • autonomy to be used independently of the electricity grid of the utility company;
  • possibility of installation in places that receive little solar radiation or spend many days with cloudy or rainy weather;
  • reach anywhere, even those far away where there is no electricity distribution, for example, enterprises in rural areas;
  • minimization of the risks of eventual accidents that occur when there is connection to the electrical network;
  • high durability;
  • sustainability.
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