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Capricorn Rising Sign Special Characteristics


Rising Sign or Ascendant

The Rising Sign is the rising zodiac sign, which is ascending on the Eastern horizon when a person is born. This is astrologically termed as that individual’s Rising Sign or Ascendant.

A Rising Sign can reveal many details about a person’s physical and mental features and hence is considered carefully in all astrological analyses and predictions.

And here, let us know something about the Capricorn Rising Sign and its characteristics.

The Ambitious and Responsible Capricorn

The Capricorn is a sign of diligence, pragmatism, and discipline. Their symbol is the Goat, which is regarded as an agile and hardy animal. The Capricorn people are often held as mountain goats that find comfort and security in lonely places and heights. And Capricorns, too, could remain loners and introverts. Ruled by the much-feared planet Saturn, Capricorn is an Earth sign that generally remains grounded in reality.

The Capricorns can be serious personalities who are extremely hard working. In addition, they might also be persistent, and ‘never give up’ could well be their motto. They could be willing learners, too, who might keep updating themselves with the latest developments and new skills; so, they might succeed even in areas in which they lack natural talent.

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The Capricorn-people may also nurture lofty goals and work with single-minded devotion, sparing no effort to reach them. They might work like possessed, compete as much against their own earlier performances as against anyone else, and drive themselves with determination to the point of exhaustion to get what they might have set their sights on. Ambition thus becomes one of the hallmarks of a Capricorn personality. Recognition and rewards must surely be coming their way in good numbers, to their satisfaction and joy.

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It can be said that the Capricorn hard work and ambition come along with a generous dose of responsibility. These are committed people with a high sense of responsibility. They might also be well-organized individuals, who are disciplined, and could possess the maturity and moral courage to accept their mistakes, learn lessons from them, and move ahead, armed with the experience so obtained. So, they could be good at converting hurdles into stepping stones and using those to march towards their goals.

Yes, the Capricorns are indeed hard-working, but the problem could be in their pushing themselves too hard and stretching their efforts to the point of turning workaholics. They could be obsessed with perfection and achievements, and in the process, could well overlook other crucial facets of their personal lives. As a result, they might become pretty hard on themselves and cause harm to their own physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. And also ride roughshod over the needs, expectations, and feelings of their family members.

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Further, too much focus on success may turn them tense, give rise to some self-doubts, dissatisfaction, mood swings, and a sense of pessimism. Also, too much focus on materialistic success can make them ‘closed’ and stubborn, and even those close to them may start feeling uncomfortable dealing with them.

With all their enviable strengths, the Capricorns could feel insecure deep down within themselves and fear some unpleasant possibilities. They might try to fight or brush aside these feelings in whatever way possible and, in the process, relapse into some self-destructive behavior. So, they may become emotionally vulnerable at times and seek out a company that can help them stay psychologically afloat. This could be the reason for many Capricorns seeking out marriage partners who can cushion them emotionally from their anxieties and diffidence.

Man of Capricorn Rising Sun

Capricorn men are likely to be serious people who may willingly shoulder responsibilities both on personal and official fronts. He could bother much about the future and its uncertainties and be particular about earning and saving money for life ahead. They might generally remain restrained, and it may be difficult for others to know what goes on in their mind.

Woman of Capricorn Rising Sun

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The Capricorn women can be practical and self-reliant, who may spare no effort to make themselves strong and secure, physically, financially, and emotionally. But they could also appear distant and cold. These women might be stubborn too and may find it difficult to forgive people whom they think wronged them.

Child of Capricorn Rising Sun

These children may start taking even small things too seriously early in life; so, it might be up to the parents to teach them the art of taking things in their stride, accepting the inevitable, and letting go of the past.

Rising Sign Calculator

This is an online package that can work out and provide a person’s Rising Sign instantly, based on the details of his or her birth. The Rising Sign Calculator is thus a simple, easy-to-use mechanism that can help people know their Rising Signs and benefit from them. Read more


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