September 10

A Buying Guide for Choosing a Beach Towel


Many people packing for a beach vacation or a trip make the mistake of including a bathing towel in place of a beach towel in their bags. They think that there is not much of a difference between the two. However, both of them have different functions. If you use a bath towel on a sandy beach, you will certainly face an unpleasant situation. A significant difference between a bath and a beach towel relates to their water-absorbing capacity. It’s why looking for beach towels that can retain a lot of water is vital to spend a good time at a beach. Regular towels cannot absorb as much water as those designed for the beach. Here is a buyer’s guide for choosing the best beach towel.


Look for a Towel That is Sand Free

As mentioned above, towels designed for the beach can absorb a high amount of water. People who visit the beach often need towels to dry themselves off or to lie or sit on the sand. If you use a bath towel for it, you will undoubtedly create a very muddy or damp cushion to sit on the beach. Look for sand-free beach towels that are purpose engineered for the sand to slip away quickly from them. These towels are compact and can dry very fast. You need such functional towels to spend quality time at the beach.

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Pay Attention to the Comfort Factor Rather Than Price

Inexpensive towels can give you the temporary satisfaction of not having to spend much. But you can soon come to regret your decision when you find them not giving you adequate comfort. It is especially true when you lay them on the hot sand or hard chairs. Instead of feeling good, you’ll feel like you are lying on a thorny bed. Moreover, even if a cheap towel is durable, it can come with short beach life. Your best option is to purchase a slightly expensive but softer towel. It will only benefit you in the long run by providing adequate comfort and being durable.

Stray Away from Thick Towels

A comfortable and soft beach towel does not need to be very thick. They swallow a lot of packing space, leading you to use multiple bags for your next beach trip. So, stay away from extra thick towels and look for those towels that are compact. Towels that are defined by their right thickness do more than just taking less space in your beach bag. They also facilitate the removal of trapped sand and make the process much easier.

Opt for Big Towels

A beach towel is around 40 inches long and 70 inches wide. Some have an even larger size. It’s because towels designed for the beach function as the body’s sole line of defence against the sun and the hot sand. They also tend to accommodate more than a single person when they are lying down. As a rule, opt for oversized towels. Not only will you and your partner fit comfortably in it, but you will also have space for keeping your beach gear sand-free.

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You might have noticed that a beach towel is a lot different from a bath towel. They are designed for helping you do various things at the beach. You can use them as a blanket or a place for keeping all your beach gear. But to find a towel that can help you accomplish so many things, you need to select the right product. Keep the factors mentioned above in mind whenever you are in the mood to purchase such a towel.


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