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9 Popular tools used in lockpicking


Lockpicking is an ability needed mainly by detectives and ordinary people to open a jammed lock during emergencies. Lockpicking is executed with a lock pick and a set of many devices designed to offer power and skill to deal with any lock.

There are many tools like lock pick needles and lock pick gun with wide variations but with a simple underlying mechanism. They are used for timely assistance in an emergency and offer better security solutions.

Here are some of the popular tools used in lock picking.

Lock pick needles

It is one of the essential tools used in lockpicking. It is used for lock replacements and the re-keying process. The tips of the lock pick needles do the actual work by picking up the pins out of the lock. Thus, the broken piece of the key can be easily removed.

Tension tools

It works as per its name. Tension tools create tension during lock picking to get a hold of the broken key piece. This tool has a light that helps the locksmith or anyone look deep into the lock’s hole and figure out the issue to pick a lock.

Drilling machine

Every locksmith will have this tool. This is the last tool to open a lock when no other device works. Drilling will open the lock but will destroy the locking plug. However, if you leave the lock mechanism without any damage by drilling only to a small extent, you can examine the issue and fix it using other equipment.

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Key extractors

It is also one of the most commonly used tools to remove the broken key from inside the lock. A typical key extractor is very thin and comes in various sizes. Locksmiths use the most suitable tools depending on the degree of complexity of the lock.

Lock pick guns

It is also known by another name called snap guns. It became trendy in the late 1960s. To tackle the modern locks, the lock pick gun evolved. A little training is needed to know how to use it. One has to learn the proper direction and the degree of force exertion. Two types can help operate manually or electrically based on your needs. It can open any locks in no time.

Key-cutting machines

It is primarily used to build the right keys with suitable shapes for residential, commercial, or vehicle purposes. It helps keys in attaining 10 % accuracy and makes it functional. On the other hand, if you have missed or broken your key, you can easily make copies of it using key-cutting machines.

Slim jim set

It exclusively deals with vehicle lockouts. Unlike other tools, it avoids the lock picking process but directly interacts with the tools and unlocks the latch.

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Car replacement picks

It works for car key replacement. It also helps with the modern car keys with a transponder key inside. It works exclusively for car lock picking and one does not have to worry about losing or breaking the car key. This kit can help in programming the car key in minutes.


These plastic or metal cards are used to check the depth of the pin, as every key brand differs in depth. After determining the depth, the locksmith can decide which tool to use to pick the lock.

Thus, these are the top tools used in lockpicking. You can find a reliable tool that suits your lock and execute the lock pick process in no time.

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