August 23

5 Benefits of Working With Salesforce Development Experts


Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms for businesses that want to understand their customers better. With cloud-based benefits, a user-friendly interface, and coming at a fair price, businesses don’t have an excuse to skip streamlining their customer relations, and sales & operations processes.

However, Salesforce development can be chaotic when approached without the required experience. That’s where Salesforce development experts come in. Below are the main reasons why teaming up with such experts for your Salesforce implementation project is a good idea:


1. Detailed analysis of your business

Business requirements, processes, and goals vary a lot, even for businesses that are in the same industry. For your CRM tool to deliver the expected results, it’s crucial to fine-tune it so that it aligns with your specific needs.

A top-notch Salesforce implementation expert like KMS will strive to have an in-depth understanding of your business KPIs, processes, business models, and objectives. They will offer industry-leading Salesforce development services that are tailored to your business. Thus, regardless of your goals, you can trust a Salesforce development expert to optimize the operation of the CRM to suit your business operations.


2. Bespoke plugins and integrations

Salesforce goes further to facilitate the availability of personalized solutions by availing an assortment of custom-made plugins and integrations. Working with a developer allows you to use these enhancements optimally to ensure that your personalized solutions are delivering peak performance.

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Some of the custom plugins and integrations that development experts implement include:

  • Personalized page views
  • Integrated social media links
  • APEX triggers & classes
  • Customized reports
  • Collaboration tools
  • Interfaces for customers that allow interactive feedback


3. Better strategies for increased customer satisfaction

The strategies that you create and how you utilize them can make or ruin your business’s growth. You have to optimize your strategies and teams so that they are all working toward customer satisfaction. Salesforce development experts design your CRM tool in a way that supports the entire customer journey.

Some of the main elements that they focus on include customer service, sales processes, marketing, and other elements that have the potential to improve customer satisfaction.


4. Increase return on investment

Hiring a complete team to handle your Salesforce development project is a much more affordable investment compared to bringing in different experts during the entire journey of the CRM implementation. Having a single invoice can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of bucks and give you greater bargaining power. Plus, the completion rate of the project gets expedited and you can start enjoying the benefits earlier than you would with lots of transitions along the way.

Besides, the team that you hire is responsible for any discrepancies that come up. That saves you a lot of money that would have been directed toward maintenance and support.

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5. Ongoing assistance and training

The Salesforce implementation process is a lengthy one with various tasks to tackle, as well as milestones and timelines to manage. Hiring development experts makes sure that you have the assistance you need whenever you need it. These experts will manage your project and offer continuous support and training to ensure that you achieve your projected results while minimizing day-to-day distractions.

That way, you won’t have to encounter the inconvenience of seeking technical support for assistance with troubleshooting or handling any other difficulties that arise after installation.



Partnering with a Salesforce development expert for your CRM installation unlocks multiple benefits and sets up your business for success. From leveraging the expertise of these service providers to acquiring tailored solutions, the advantages outweigh the costs.

So go ahead and team up with a reliable Salesforce development expert like KMS to enjoy the aforementioned benefits and even more.



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