March 19

11 Fashion Trends that Secretly Turn Men on



Have you ever thought about fashion trends that men like (or dislike) to see on women? Most of us are aware that there are those classic trends that guys adore (read: mini dress, red lipstick, heels), but you probably didn’t expect some of these trendy pieces.

Men are not only attracted to women’s underwear. Although it only represents his sexual desire that he feels, which is not bad, below you will see other things from the wardrobe that men adore to notice on his wife.

Dear ladies, the first impression is the most important. If you only managed to attract someone with accessories, clothing or the like – congratulations, you have started a relationship that is based on something higher than sexual.

Of course, the most important thing is to dress the way you feel best and most attractive, however, to hear the opposite sex is always necessary, especially when it comes to the things they love about women.

Tracksuit Pants


No, we don’t mean those big sports tracksuit bottoms you wear at home. We think of their modern, elegant variants.

The sports lock pants are now super popular, and guys really like the way girls look in them. What men like are the pieces that give the impression that they are “out of their closet,” and these pants are the picture and opportunity of just that.

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Ha, isn’t overalls really a men’s version of “sexy plumber”, only in a much more elegant and modern version?



As buttoned shirts are not originally designed and conceived for a body with breasts, it often happens that buttons come through the buttons … Should we further explain why men consider shirts to be very sexy?



The suit is sexy, serious and elegant. It is reminiscent of the Hollywood scenes of sexy bosses, and men are known to like to see women in “their” clothes.

Oversized T-shirts


They like these because they look really relaxed and give the impression that girls are accessible and down to earth. Plus: they always fantasize about what’s under the shirt!

Speaking of comfortable yet chic things, we also have to mention underwear as another essential item.

Women’s panties have long been not only a useful garment but an attractive piece of clothing that is adored by both women and men. Research has shown that a man can form an opinion about you depending on the panties you are wearing – though it is doubtful whether this is true.

Several men were questioned. Perhaps most interesting is that no men voted for the popular thong panties. A variety of underwear choices can be found on the HauteFlair website, and some will certainly satisfy your choice and appeal to your man.

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“I prefer to see on my wife attractive underwear that reveals only part of her body and leaves the rest to my imagination,” said one respondent.

In any case, your choice should depend on the affinity of your chosen one, and if you are not sure, a nightgown without any underwear is a good choice – he will be surprised by your boldness.

Retro rock n roll T-shirt


Although men don’t usually understand women’s fashion and trendy pieces, a retro rock band print T-shirt makes perfect sense to them. Just make sure she’s small enough so your boyfriend doesn’t dress her up …

An unsurpassed clothing combination, in this case, would definitely be the basis of all simple clothing combinations. These are jeans (light colors, bonus points if ripped) and a T-shirt with your favorite band, say. Rocky, retro and always stylish!



We have one word for you – tights! To ask men, a person who invented lycra sports tights should be given the Nobel Prize.

Women wear them because they are incredibly comfortable, and men are crazy about them just because they are men.

Today, they are mostly worn by almost all women, but many do not fit them at all. Specifically, they outline the buttocks and legs. Pregnant women also like to wear them, primarily for comfort. You will certainly be very attractive to them.

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Statement pullover


Pullovers with interesting captions or pictures are a sign that the girl has style, personality, sense of humor and confidence to show it to everyone.

It will definitely be one of our favorite clothing items for a long time.

High Waist Jeans


Apart from being a special and favorite piece for many women, men definitely agree with their choices. High waist pants always look elegant and chic, and can easily be combined with different pieces of wardrobe.

What our partners particularly like is the way these pants lengthen the silhouette of a woman, which instantly makes a woman slimmer, so this model satisfies the tastes of even the most demanding men.

When it comes to these pants – the waist is in its place – the waist, which means – feminine and elegant.

Big hat


This retro-cool piece is one of the favorite fashion accessories that men like to see on women. It brings them back to a bygone age, looks ladylike and sparks the imagination because the woman with it (in their eyes) becomes mysterious.

The hat has been a garment since ancient times. It has a rich history as a thing that serves to cover the head, primarily in accordance with climatic and weather conditions (from fur coat to straw cover), to protect the head from snow or on the other hand from high temperatures.

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Everything is different today. An ordinary modern woman generally does not cover her head and lets her groomed hair replace her hat or cap. Still, that doesn’t mean the hats are out and you can’t fit them in nicely. They will always come back into fashion.


Women, the most important thing is that you wear what makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, sexy and creative. The fashion trend or any other factor should not be a priority over your personality – when it comes to making a fashion decision.

Be your own and therefore unique! If you are like that, your man will adore you.

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