August 31

Why You Should Consider Sunless Tanning If You Want To Look Young Foreve


A healthy glow to the skin draws everyone’s eyes. Add to that an unlined, gorgeous face and you have the perfect recipe for blinding beauty. 

With your pale, lifeless skin, you must have often looked into the mirror and despaired. You do not have to do that any longer, what with so many options available for you to tan your skin and add a beautiful bronze colour to it.

Issues with sun tanning

Those pics with hot bods lying on the beach, sunning away for hours, might sway you to do the same. But there are many dangers associated with sunning.

  • Skin damage: The sun is the biggest skin killer. It marks the appearance of the skin by drying it up and adding lines upon lines on the surface which deepen and become wrinkles.
  • Skin cancer: Too much UV radiation causes skin cancer. Not only is it a huge health hazard, a cosmetic change it leads to is the unsightly damage it does to your skin.

Sunless tanning

The alternatives to sunning oneself on the beach to get a tan are many. These are:

  1. Tanning beds
  2. Spray tanning 
  3. Tanning mists
  4. Tanning sticks
  5. Tanning pills

And more!

If you step into a top-class tanning place like Boca Tanning Salon, you will be inundated with choices.

There are many advantages of sunless tanning. These are:

  1. You look sun-kissed throughout the year. Most sun tans are present only in the summer, but with a tanning spray, you can look tanned whenever you want.
  2. You can use an organic spray, which is easily available both online and at a tanning salon in Boca Raton, Florida. This will ensure that you are not putting an unhealthy chemical on your skin.
  3. With sunless tanning, you are saving your skin from unnecessary damage. No longer can those UV rays add lines, sun spots and wrinkles to your skin.
  4. You save time. Lying for hours altogether is just not possible for those with limited time on their hands. All you have to do in sunless tanning is enter a salon and walk out minutes later with a gorgeous tan. It really is as simple as that.
  5. You get an even tan when you decide to go sunless. That is because you will cover certain areas of your body on the beach. In a salon, however, you may decide to go au naturel, safe within the confines of a tanning booth or bed. So, your tan will be even all over, without any lines anywhere.  

With this info, you can take the best suited decision on which tanning method will be the best for your skin.

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