January 17

Why You are Losing your IG followers?


It’s the worst when you lose Instagram followers for no apparent reason.


Have you ever spent an entire day on Instagram creating great content, interacting with your audience, and gaining a few new followers, only to learn the next day that you’ve did lose followers?


Perhaps you’ve created the most incredible shot, then patiently reacted to each and every remark made by your admirers, resulting in a whopping ten new followers! Unfortunately, your good fortune did not endure, as you lost 15 Instagram followers the following day and then search where to buy real IG followers on search engie..


So, what’s the deal? Why does it feel like this happens to you all of the time, yet your rivals appear to be expanding at a breakneck pace?


You could be thinking:


What am I doing incorrectly?

Is it true that everyone else gains followers for 24 hours and then loses them?

What can I do to break out of this rut and start getting followers instead?

If you’re anything like some of the individuals I know, you’ve considered abandoning social media and returning to your day job. It would be a lot less difficult.


The Reason behind Your Loss of Instagram Followers

Before we proceed any further, let me state unequivocally that:

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Losing Instagram followers is entirely natural. It can happen to anybody.


And just because you’re annoyed by Instagram unfollowers doesn’t imply you’re doing anything wrong.


And here’s a little-known fact: when growing a business and when your Instagram account grows in size, you’ll lose Instagram followers on a daily basis.


BUT, if you execute everything right, you’ll get more followers on average, implying that your development trajectory will be upwards over time!



You’ll be alright as long as you’re not continuously losing followers in the long run.


These are some of the most common causes for losing followers if you’re not sure why:

1.) Your Content Doesn’t Communicate to Your Crowd

your content has evolved and isn’t living up to what your community expects from you; or you’re not sticking to a consistent theme, or your content has altered and isn’t living up to what your viewer expects from you.

Your followers normally anticipate a certain style of material from you, and you should aim to stay as close to those expectations as possible.


2. Bot or Fake Followers are being added to your account.


You’ve undoubtedly seen a few instances of automated bot accounts making entirely unrelated comments on your articles, and you know how irritating they can be. They’ll also bulk follow folks before unfollowing you after a few days.

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Even if you don’t buy phoney followers, you’ll end up with a few of these annoying accounts. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it, so it’s better to ignore them.


3. Individuals that use the Follow/Unfollow method.

When done correctly, this strategy may be quite beneficial, however, the great majority of individuals utilise it in a spammy manner.


They’ll mass follow a number of random individuals on Instagram in the hopes of receiving a follow back, then unfollow you after a few days if you don’t reciprocate.


4. Using “Black Hat” Techniques and Being Strictly Regulated by Instagram.

If you’ve purchased phoney followers, used an automated programme that violates Instagram’s rules, or used spamming methods like copying and pasting the same generic comments over and again, you’ll be banned.


Instagram will take note, and your account will be restricted. Click here to visit quizsite.com


Even if you aren’t detected and banned outright, Instagram may still restrict your reach and exposure.


Your numbers will start to dwindle over time if your followers aren’t viewing your stuff.


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