September 30

Why Electric Vehicles Are the Future of the Automotive Industry


The last decade has seen a huge expansion in the market for electric and hybrid vehicles after decades of attempts to make a market-ready EV model capable of competing with traditional combustion engines. What made the difference? Like many technological changes, it was upgraded materials and power storage that made the expansion of the EV market possible.

Today’s vehicle batteries are capable of delivering greater range, more charge cycles, and improved durability when compared to EV batteries and fuel cells in the 1990s and 2000s. That means more miles per charge, which is an essential feature for individuals taking long distance road trips and commercial fleets alike. Better batteries are not the only reason the EV market is taking off, though they probably are helping to make sure electric vehicles take over the market in the future. There are a couple of major reasons most people make the change, and they are a blend of personal convenience, cost savings, and social responsibility.

Ability To Charge at Home

Refueling is not the most inconvenient part of owning a car for most people, but when you need to refuel on a tight schedule and you are facing lines at the pump, it can certainly get stressful. When your EV is low and you are at home, you don’t need to search for an EV charger near me online, you can just plug it in. That means you don’t need to go get gas just before bed so you can avoid stopping in the morning any more.

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Most EV models have charging ports compatible with standard home power outlets at either 120 or 240v. To get the best results, order a performance EV battery charger that is capable of fully optimizing the flow of power to your vehicle battery.

Better For Environment

Climate change is a major issue on the minds of many drivers, especially as the weather effects that can be traced to it grow stronger. Electric vehicles do not produce the emissions that combustion engines do, so they do not consistently add to greenhouse gas emissions when charged on a power grid that relies on renewable energy.

In addition to improved air quality and decreased greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicles avoid the contamination that can happen when engine oil, transmission fluid, or other contaminants leak from combusion engines. There are some environmental concerns around battery production, but as battery recycling improves, many of those issues can be averted, making an EV the most ecologically sound choice for most drivers today.

Shopping for EV Parts and Accessories

Electric engines are built completely differently from traditional gas engines. That means your performance enhancements, replacement parts, and accessories are going to be different from the ones you would buy for the gas engine model of the same vehicle, where it exists.

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That includes basic items like your EV battery charging cable as well as upgrades designed to increase efficient power use or to add creature comforts. Luckily, when it comes to lights and brakes, many of the systems will still look familiar, too. Keep that in mind as you shop for new EV parts for your ride.


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