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What You Can Write in Personal Statement to Impress Admission Officer


Demonstrating professional skills is one of the most challenging tasks for enrollees. When you need to write about yourself in a personal statement, it is important to mention only the necessary details. Often people who don’t have enough writing skills are terrified of making mistakes in this project. Therefore, it is normal for youth to ask a more proficient person, “please, write my personal statement first draft.” Having an example will help you understand what to include in the personal statement and how to make it independently. Let our article be the ultimate guide for writing your presentation and help make it really personal.

1. Let the audience know who you are.


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Representing yourself at the beginning of your personal statement is crucial for readers to know whether you are suitable for the course or not. This is an introduction where you can simply tell your name, age, and place you are from. Some enrollees rely on the location where they were grown up to tell admission officers about the influence they’ve got in childhood. It is interesting to know what affected you as a personality to make decisions and become who you are currently. Also, your future professor can consider whether you have enough experience in studying field you want to conquer, or you are at the start of your professional path. 

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2. Tell about your expectations.

An admission officer likes to see what exactly attracts you to a particular college or university. If you apply to one of your favorite educational institutes, write in your personal statement why you’ve chosen it. When you show your aspirations, an admission committee will appreciate your openness and analytical skills. Mostly, in this stage of the personal statement writing process, you display your vision of the course and analyze your ability to succeed in a specific class. It is beneficial to understand yourself and how strong you can be in your subject. 

3. Define the subject’s importance.

When you know why the course you want to take is engaging for you, please, explain it to your admission officer. First of all, think about why a certain subject is generally vital for industry, each person, and even humankind. Basing on this, you can add information on why it is interesting, especially for you, and what importance you see in the course for your personal development.  

4. Describe personal qualities.

Every person has their own characteristics, and when you concentrate on yours, it is great to add them to your personal statement. Find out what qualities are essential for a certain profession and clarify where you have a lack them. Telling honestly about your skills like attentiveness, diligence, accountability, ethic, loyalty is one of the most valuable indicators for the admission committee. But don’t fall into hard restrictions! If you are creative and you want to study computing science, please, mention this quality. The creative approach is vital for every profession and for programmers as well because it means you can be flexible in any challenging situation.  

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5. Link your hobbies.

It is great when you are passionate about something. Some people like sports such as football, tennis, or swimming, and others prefer arts. Remember that your interests play a central role in submitting your candidature to the students’ community. If the teacher sees that your passions match college values, you’d rather meet new friends in your class. When an admission officer selection is based on the information you represent in your personal statement, they pay close attention whether the course will meet your expectations, so you don’t need to change your inner world. 

6. Stay as you are.

One of the most crucial tips for an efficient personal statement is don’t pretend to be someone else. Please, avoid adding stories from the life of your relatives or closest friends. First of all, you need to focus on your personal achievements and goals. Avoid using complex phrases and sentences to explain your thoughts. Remember that a personal statement is a mix of creative writing with an academic approach. You need to structure it properly to deliver your ideas to readers and persuade the admission committee that you are worthy of the place in class.

7. Set the goal.

Share with the admission officer what you plan to implement with a degree you get in a particular educational institute. Being diligent in reaching your aims will help you not only in the learning process but also in your professional path. Therefore, try to describe what you want to reach in your career with knowledge gained in this university or college. 

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Following our seven steps of an impressive personal statement, you will not be overwhelmed with this difficult task. Moreover, you will enjoy the writing process and make your audience feel the same reading your presentation. We wish you good luck in passing admission exams and getting your dream degree as soon as possible.


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