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What is New Packaging? Packaging 2021



For encasing products, packaging of various kinds is used. These boxes are made out of different materials, which solely depend upon the requirement of the business. Kraft cardstock, corrugated stock, cardboard are some of the many materials that help in the production of these boxes. These are sturdy and robust materials that are also eco-friendly. So, these packages are recyclable and sustainable solutions. The printing option is available through which you can print these boxes into charming and attractive colors. To change the outer texture and appearance of the box, you can go for the finishing coats option.

The concept of packages of items is not new. People are using various forms of packages in all forms and sizes for a very long time. The initial purpose of packaging was to provide effective security to the packed items. But later on, businesses are taking advantage of it by using it as a marketing tool to attract customers. In the past, people were not educated much, so they used all kinds of packages like plastics, etc. But now, they are more inclined towards the new and modern options of packing.

1.    Sustainability is an Attractive Feature

Custom packaging boxes are highly popular in this era. The reason behind its popularity is that it’s quite a new form of a box. It helps both products as well as nature. These packages are made out of some organic and non-toxic materials. These materials are totally recyclable and biodegradable. This means that you can easily recycle them. If not, microorganisms will degrade these boxes. One way or another, they will not cause any kind of pollution or waste.

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This is a relatively new concept because, in the past, people did not care about it. They used plastic packages that contributed to global warming. The use of excessive plastics is one of the major reasons why pollution has increased to hazardous levels. So, to make the packages that do not cause pollution was a goal. Now, these kinds of boxes are available. Businesses are using these sustainable and recyclable options so that they can get famous in the market industry. This way, they are also gaining customers that support and follow a green campaign.

2.    Glow in the Dark Boxes

Custom packaging printing helps in displaying beautiful patterns and even product-related information. In the past, normal printing techniques were being used, which have normal yet good quality inks. But now, this concept is also changing. The glow in the dark is a new yet fun aspect that has gained effective popularity in the world. In these packages, such inks are used, which glows after encountering light. The inks help you to mention product-related information and instruction. Moreover, it allows you to display beautiful prints, images, and even personalized artwork. It opens doors of possibilities for the people. The boxes which are printed with such inks glow in the dark and show the printed information. This kind of packages is popular among the businesses of candies and chocolates. Businesses use them for candy packing, especially on Halloween. This gives a touch of spookiness, and kids love it.

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3.    Water-Soluble Packages

The custom packaging box has been revolutionized into water-soluble packages. This is one of the many new concepts in the packing industry which has gained effective appreciation. No one wants to pollute the environment or atmosphere. For that, people are using different tactics and strategies. This strategy is one of them. Water-soluble pouches deliver pre-portioned products in a protected form. People can use these pouches without having to open them. They just need to dissolve the pouch into the water, and within one minute, it will get dissolved. This is such a good initiative which can be used for the encasement of all different kinds of products. One of the advantages of using this approach is that there are no leftover pieces of boxes or pouches. It is an environmentally conscious choice that helps in the protection of the ecosystem as well.

4.    Durable and Sturdy Boxes

Nowadays, businesses are more conscious than ever. They are using different resources to make the protective packaging. You can get these boxes only if they are manufactured using high-quality materials and effective techniques. Earlier, people didn’t care enough to use durable materials, so the packages were not strong enough. These kinds of boxes fail to provide any kind of security and protection to the products. That is why businesses are now using sturdy choices of material like corrugated or cardboard. They have resistance against bending, shocks, and even tearing as well. Such aspects make them the best option. Furthermore, they are also pretty economical. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money to get them. By using these materials, you can make long-lasting packages.

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5.    Customization is a New Aspect

The custom packaging boxes are new in the market industry. Now manufacturing companies are allowing options like vast customizations to their clients. This way, you can easily get customized shaped and sized boxes. You can modify these boxes in any way. There is no limit to customization. From sizes to designs and even colors, you are free to choose according to your preferences. This design has gained enough attention from potential customers. It also helps in attracting customers by revealing the features of the packaged product. You can also add special partitions inside the box to accommodate multiple products all at once. These features were not available in the past. But now, you are allowed to create the boxes according to your own choices.

New packaging is a combination of all the ideas that were not accessible in the past. It includes the customization of the boxes along with their durable natures. Moreover, in this era, you also have other options like sustainable packages or water-soluble pouches. You need to consider your demand and the requirement of your product before choosing any option.


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