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What benefits do artisan foods bring to our health?


More and more people are concerned about leading a healthy life and enjoying authentic flavors in their food. The industrialization of food has greatly affected the health of the world population, due to the use of chemicals and standardization of flavors and textures.

This is why artisanal foods are gaining more popularity, since they seek to enjoy healthy and little processed foods . These foods preserve the traditional flavor and forms of preparation that become ancestral.

Consuming artisan foods has proven to be much more beneficial to health than industrialized ones. Not only will you enjoy tastier meals, but your body will be much healthier and you will contribute to the preservation of cultural traditions as well as the development of local economies.

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What are artisan foods?

These are food products that are made following traditional techniques, in which generally not many chemicals are used. Their processing is more natural and many of the processes are done by hand.

Artisanal foods are produced in small quantities and stored for a short time , so they arrive at the consumer’s table almost at the same time they are made. In general, each piece made is particular and may have slight changes in flavor that make it unique.

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To be sure that you are acquiring an artisanal food, you should check if it has an artisan food stamp that is granted by the Autonomous Communities. Another way to check it, is that you buy it directly from the producer, who can explain the entire process of artisanal elaboration.

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Health benefits of artisan foods

The diet that you eat daily largely defines your state of health, since you can obtain the necessary nutrients in an adequate way. At present much of the food consumed is industrialized and contains a lot of preservatives to keep it in good condition for longer.

In addition, it usually has high amounts of processed sugars that contribute to the development of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Likewise, they often contain high levels of sodium that affect your cardiovascular health.

People concerned about their health have increasingly turned to the consumption of natural products or those made in a traditional way . First of all because the taste is much more authentic and because they contain fewer harmful chemicals.

Some of the benefits that you obtain in your health when consuming artisan foods, are the following:

  • These foods usually do not contain residues of hormones or anabolic steroids that can affect the biochemical balance of the body.
  • Due to the more natural processing in their preparation, they tend to lose a lower amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, a diet based on artisan products will be much more nutritious.
  • In general, artisanal foods are produced from organic agricultural and livestock products or that have received little chemical treatment. This means that they have fewer traces of elements that can be potentially harmful to health.
  • Preservatives such as sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate are not used in its preparation. These products are harmful to the digestive tract because they affect the bacterial flora and make digestion difficult.
  • The way of preparing artisan food is more suitable for people with some food sensitivity. For example, artisan sourdough bread ferments slowly, so the gluten chain deteriorates further and its digestion is easier.
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Other benefits of consuming artisan foods

In addition to the obvious health benefits, artisan foods also offer other benefits. One of the most important is that the ancestral methods of preparing different foods are preserved, maintaining the cultural heritage of the regions.

The consumption of these foods promotes fair trade, because they are generally marketed directly by the producers. It is usually a proximity marketing, in which the local economy mainly benefits.

In addition, they tend to be higher quality products than industrialized ones, with a better texture and much more intense flavor . You also have the opportunity to consume very fresh seasonal food.

Artisan foods also contribute to the conservation of the environment, because industrialized techniques are not used in their processing. And when it is marketed in nearby areas, the cost of fuel for its transfer is much lower.

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Where to buy artisan food?

If you want to have a more balanced diet, enjoy intense flavors and gourmet-level meals, the first thing is to have high-quality food. Handmade products are your best option, but you probably have doubts about where to buy them.

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One of the best options is to use platforms that are related to artisan producers throughout the country. Among the best you have Ubbora , which has suppliers of different artisan foods throughout Spain.

You can also go to local markets where many artisans bring their products directly to sell. Likewise, some have their own stores or you can visit their workshops and buy their artisan food there.

In some supermarkets and department stores it is possible to find sections dedicated to artisanal foods. In these cases be careful to check that they have an artisan food stamp, in order to have a guarantee that you are acquiring a quality product.


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