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What are the Most Famous themed slot Games Based on?


Online slot games are more numerous than any other kind of online casino games. The simple gameplay, exciting game mechanics, and impressive bonus features are the essential factors responsible for its popularity.

When you consider the mechanics, all the best online slots real money come with different themes. Some may stem from a popular theme, but the stories often differ. These themes get popular and accepted by the playing population, so sequels are made. Some software providers even make series out of them.

This shared experience led to an important question, what’s the purpose behind popular online slots? What are they based on? Here are some of the notable themes to watch for.

Irish themed slots

Online slots are a big deal to Irish punters. They also have an exciting culture. If you ever play any Irish slot, you’d see that their symbols are usually represented to show off something about their culture. They typically come with respective luck charms and progressive jackpot features.

Examples of well-known Irish themes include 777 Fortune, 1st of the Irish, Cash Bonanza, Clover Fortunes, etc.

Movie-themed Slots

Software providers are known for infusing pop culture elements as game stories. Most popular TV shows/series have, over the years, become a popular inspiration behind many slot games. The best thing about them is that most of these slots become evergreen with a large fanbase.

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Examples of top movie-themed slots include Dracula, Jurassic Park, Startrek, Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

Ancient Egypt Themed Slots

If you have not played any slots on stories of ancient Egypt, try one today. One of the best features you may notice playing at them is the rich graphics used to portray the ancient Egyptian architecture and interior design. The old-time Egyptians were fashion icons. Many of these games become extremely successful and popular when software suppliers make sequels for them.

Egyptian stories are diverse, and no matter how many slots are churned out based on these stories, there’ll always be some areas yet to be covered. Examples of well popular slots celebrating the Egyptian idea include the Book of Dead, Book of Ra, Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, etc.

Fruit Slots

Fruit slots are classic but evergreen games. You can even find most of them come with substantial RTP values and juicy bonuses. Some of the common symbols include cherries, watermelons, grapes, lemons, and 7s. Hot Chilli slot, Fruitloids, Extra Juicy, etc. are among the well-featured fruit-themed slots on most online casinos.

Space Slots

If you dream of a day you can touch the blue skies, then a space-themed slot could be good for you. These slot games also have excellent bonuses, so they are pretty popular.


Some top-rated slots include Starburst, Alien, Astro Legend, Star Trek, Space Race, etc.

For many lovers of online casino games, themes and story mean a lot to them. Imagine seeing your favorite movie show as the base of an online slot game. It presents a chance to score two missions at once. Enjoy fantastic gameplay from a top-rated software provider, yet play for a chance to win cash prizes.


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