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Top Safety Trainer Accessories


Safety trainers is the name given to a more casual form of safety footwear for people who find it uncomfortable or undesirable to have to wear the more traditional style of safety boots and/or who do not require the kind of protection they would be given by a steel toe shoe or boot.

Safety trainers are a comfortable and relaxed type of safety footwear that looks no different to the standard footwear worn on the average street. Employees that are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing standard safety boots can be more easily persuaded to wear safety trainers and they have proven to be particularly popular with tradesmen that work in the construction industry.

Those who want to make sure they are as comfortable as they can possibly be when wearing safety trainers may wish to look at accessories that can help with achieving that goal.

There are a number of potential searches users may wish to carry out in order to work on which safety trainer accessories would be the most suitable for their particular workplace.

Heel support

Heel support can provide extra padding or thickness in the heel area, which can provide important relief for wearers, especially for people who are on their feet all day.

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There are a number of support pad accessories available for use with safety trainers, which come with gel heel cups or cushions and liner inserts. They help to relieve heel pain as well as any discomfort from heels that are sore and hurting as well as sore feet sprains and plantar fasciitis.

These gel cups or liners help tired feet and assist with boosting energy throughout the work day by reducing the impact on muscles and joints.

Arch support

There are also safety trainer accessories that can assist with providing relief in the arch area of the foot by providing additional support to the muscle.

Arch support inserts for safety trainers help to prevent pain and damage caused by overstraining to the feet, hips and knees. Arch support accessories are often made with silica gel and are elastic and particularly comfortable for those with an arch problem. Arch support relieves stress and pain in the arches and provides a buffer that will not move when the individual is walking around.

Hammer toes

Hammer toes are accessories for safety trainers that provide relief to the toe area by providing a form of protection that actually goes between the toes in the feet.

Hammer toes help to straighten toes that are bent and are flexible correct orthotic accessories manufactured from soft gel and silicon. This guarantees they are comfortable to wear and often results in pain relief from the issues that can arise from bent toes. They help to place every toe in the right position and improve strength.

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Hammer toes have also been proven to be helpful to those who suffer from bunions.

Other accessories for safety trainers include metatarsal pads that provide relief to the metatarsal area and work socks for those who work in cold weather.

Accessories complement safety trainers by increasing the comfort and support level they provide.


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