July 16

Top 10 weight Lose tips This Year (Updated)


Because just like other resolutions, the desire to lose weight is sometimes crowned with success and sometimes with failure.

Why is that? What mistakes can you make?

Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid:

1) You don’t keep a record of what you eat:

If you fail to keep a record of what you eat, you may find that your calorie intake is unrealistic. Only what is logged can be measured. In particular, the many small snacks can add up to a considerable amount. You can keep a record of what you eat or, alternatively, log the calories.

2) You drink sugary drinks:

Sugary drinks such as lemonades or fruit juices have many calories due to their high sugar content, on the one hand, and on the other hand the body does not seem to be able to register the high energy density. As a result, compared to solid food, a saturation signal is sent later. The saturation signal is the result of a multitude of factors: visual (amount on the plate) factors play a role here, just like the chewing process or gastric distension and a multitude of receptors in the digestive tract. So avoid sugary or other caloric drinks.

If you go even further, you can  also reduce the total carbohydrates with a  low carb nutrition plan and thus reduce your weight.

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3) You are not studying the nutritional values:

If you do not know what the nutritional values ​​of your food are, you are missing out on the chance to eat healthy and low-calorie food. We are lucky that the most important key figures such as calories, fat, carbohydrates, etc. are now on almost all packaged foods. Avoid high energy density foods and you are well on your way.

4) You eat highly processed foods:

The more your food is processed, the less your body has to work and the easier it is to store the calories as hip gold. For example, white flour products and finished products are bad. So it is better to use fresh foods that are unprocessed.

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5) You move too little:

If you exercise too little, your metabolism runs on the back burner. Exercise causes food to pass through the gastrointestinal tract faster and so fewer nutrients (-> calories) are absorbed. In addition, your body uses up energy from your stores. These stores are carbohydrate stores (in the form of glycogen), especially with short loads, and fat stores (-> fat stores, that is the goal of losing weight) or protein stores (-> muscles, we don’t want that at all) for longer loads. Try to move more in everyday life (walk more instead of taking the car, take the stairs instead of the escalator, etc.). Light endurance training, 2-3 times a week for at least 20 minutes, is also good.If you combine the movement with strength training you avoid the breakdown of muscles and ensure a long-term metabolic optimization.

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6) you snack too often:

It was previously believed that many small meals a day would be better because the metabolism would be better stimulated. It is, however, the case that on the one hand you can have problems keeping track of the total amount consumed (see tip 1), on the other hand the body is designed to cope well with fewer servings per day. These should not be too large, otherwise the energy that is not required will be stored. So please don’t wait so long to eat until you’re on your gums and treat yourself to the triple whopper at Burger King, but rather eat a little earlier and consciously reach for healthy, low-calorie food. A good tip against cravings is a handful of nuts (very healthy due to many unsaturated fatty acids, but also high in calories) with a large glass of water.

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7) you are not consuming enough fiber:

Fiber is extremely important if you want to lose weight: On the one hand, it makes you feel full, and on the other hand, it has no calories. Digestion is also stimulated by the intake of sufficient fiber and the calories from the additional food are absorbed less. So there are many reasons to include as much fiber as possible in your diet. You can find them mainly in (almost) unprocessed foods such as vegetables or whole grain products.

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8) you are consuming too little protein:

Proteins have several advantages: they have comparatively few calories, they cannot be stored as easily by the body as fats or carbohydrates (as fat deposits) and they are essential for building and maintaining muscle. So make sure you have protein on your diet plan several times a day. Good sources are low-fat meat, fish, soy products, and beans / lentils.

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9) You overestimate the energy consumption through exercise:

As described above, exercise or sport is essential for losing weight. However, those who overestimate their calorie consumption and then use the refrigerator extensively will not lose weight, but gain. So research exactly how high the calorie consumption is during exercise so that there are no nasty surprises later.

10) You only rely on the scales:

The scales alone are not enough to measure your weight loss success. Above all, it can also be adulterated: If you drink a lot, you will gain weight through water retention. Or, if you are building muscle, you are unlikely to lose weight, or even gain weight, since muscles are heavier than fat pads. To avoid the mistake, take photos of yourself regularly and measure the critical areas with a tape measure to record your progress.

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I hope I could help you with these tips!


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