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MetaTrader 4 platform: World’s most popular trading platform for forex traders



Welcome to the world of MetaTrader 4, the most popular trading platform. Here, you can find a comprehensive introduction to what makes Mt4 great and how you can use it to conduct successful trades. We’ll show you how MT4 download can be useful to you, how to run it on your device and operating system, and how to get started with forex trading.

Advanced trading tools

The most advanced trading tools to help you make the best decisions possible. Advanced charting, indicators, and strategies – MT4 offers it all.

Powerful analysis tools

  • Backtesting
  • Technical analysis
  • Chart drawing tools
  • Advanced charting tools

Ideal for forex and CFD trading

As a forex trader, you’ll find that MetaTrader 4 has the best tools and features to help you make trading decisions. You can use MT4 to trade in real-time against global market makers and use advanced technical indicators, such as Fibonacci retracements or moving averages, to aid your trading.

In addition to its popularity among forex traders, MT4 is Australia’s most popular CFD platform. If your goal is actively trading shares or commodities on margin while using leverage to boost returns (and risk), then using an MT4 account makes sense.

Choose your device or operating system.

MQL4 and MQL5 are two programming languages for creating trading strategies and indicators. The first is a language developed by MetaQuotes, while their users made the latter. The decision of which one to use depends on your trading style.

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Trading with MetaTrader 4 means that you get access to all features, which are listed below:

  • Low spreads (from 0 pips)
  • High leverage (up to 1:1000)
  • Free signals, recommendations and news feed in MT4

MT4 Download and start trading now

Downloading and installing MetaTrader 4 is a simple and quick process that takes less than five minutes. The platform is free for download on the official website and some third-party sites. After downloading, you can install MT4 to your computer or mobile device from either an executable or archive (zip) file.

Once installed, you can start trading with MetaTrader by creating a free demo account with any of our recommended brokers:


MT4 downloads the most popular and widely used trading platforms in the world. The platform offers all essential tools for forex trading and more, such as a variety of technical indicators and analysis options, including automated strategies; multi-language support; the ability to download information from MetaTrader 5 servers; customisable interface so traders can set up their colour scheme; social trading functionality that allows users to copy trades from other investors on this platform; as well as many other features.

You should also consider if you want to use an online or offline version of this software before downloading it. Some people prefer having all their assets stored locally. In contrast, others are happy with cloud storage solutions.

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