September 11

Mastering how to build Social Media Reports


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In this modern era of digital marketing, the social presence of your business is very important. But keeping a track of your progress, growth, and analyzing your social strategy can be tedious at the same time. You, as a digital marketer, are concerned whether your strategy is successful and investment is receiving a positive ROI or not?


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To handle these concerns we use Social Media Reporting. Social media reporting enables you to the insight that if your efforts are paying off.

Social media reports present data, your social activities, and your social strategy in a manner that depicts a complete picture of your social profile and is easily understandable and presentable to the client, team or, boss.

Social media reports can be generated on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. In this blog, we will be talking about building the Quarterly Social Media Reports. Moreover, you can visit How to create the perfect social media report for your client for a step to step guide.

Building a Perfect Social Media Report needs to focus on longer durations and dig deep into data. Because a large data sample has lesser anomalies and provides insights int long term trends.


Evaluate your audience

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Before you have started working in your report, you should assess who you will be presenting the report.

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Your audience can be a client, a marketing team, your boss, or your entire or your entire organization who have different levels of Social media marketing understanding and expectations. A marketing team might be concerned about campaign performance while the executives want to see finance. So, determine the details and level of the points your report will highlight accordingly.


Present a Context of the Report

Social MediaSocial Media

Before presenting the figures and KPIs through a brief context and mention what your goals for the quarter/month. Mention typical conversion rate and followers count in your field of business that will set up reference points for the audience.


Roll in with your KPIs

Conveying your Key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively is the most important aspect while assessing the ROI of a social media campaign.

The following are few data points (matrices) that should be the center of attention of your perfect Social Media Report and can be accessed from analytics or by using some reporting tool.

  • Reach: The number of people who have seen your post is the reach. Reach can be gained both by organic or paid efforts. Not every post gains the same reach this is why tracking reach is important. It helps you know what your audience likes and why certain posts are not performing well.
  • Engagement: Likes, Comments, or shares are the little pennies that make billions together for a social marketer. An increase in engagement depicts that people are liking your content.
  • Page Likes or Followers: Page likes or followers are very important. These are the people who want to see your content and want to stay updated about your business. These are your fans or potential clients.
  • Social Traffic: The more traffic from social platforms the more the chances of growing.
  • Conversions: Conversion is the matric of ultimate interest for every one of the team in order to assess the ROI. It is the ratio that how many visitors converted into buyers. Mention your conversion goals and compare the conversion ratio with it.
  • New Followers: Followers count doesn’t determine the success of your campaign but you should strive to keep them growing as businesses are judged by users on followers count. Compare your followers from all social networks.
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The tracking of these KPIs enables you to insight your social presence and campaign success.


Add Visuals to your report

A visually good report is entertaining, keeps the audience engaged, and is digested far easily even with not so good numbers. Adding graphs can help better understand the progress as social media marketing is far ahead than numbers.

Moreover, you can add Competitive Context to because your audience wants to know that how your Close Competitors are performing.

In the end, summarize your learnings and Put your future plans and targets.


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