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Mahatma Gandhi Biography | Short Biography


Introduction: What is behind the success of Mahatma Gandhi?

In the last few decades, the world has witnessed a change in history. The world has seen a new revolutionary leader who led India to independence. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most famous leaders of this century and his legacy is still remembered today. He was a great man and his legacy remains strong for all time as he fought and tried to bring freedom to his country. His ‘Satyagraha’, (or sacrifice of life) was one of the greatest Indian traditions in history.Rabbi Nehemiah 2:26-27 For the Lord will not forsake His people; for He is their God, He will not abandon them nor forget His covenant. 27 The people have spoken lies in My presence; they have said, “The land is ours.” But I will not remember their vows or repay them for all that they say.”

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How to Write About Mahatma Gandhi | The Man Who Did More Than What You Might Expect Of A Person In India’s Early History

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential people to ever live in India. He was a great man and a great leader. He is also known as “The Father of the Nation” because he inspired Indians to become one nation, not divided into religious sects.

This article will focus on Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his impact on Indian history. We will look at his life from his birth through his death in 1948.

Mahatma Gandhi was born into a poor family in 1869 at Porbandar, Gujarat, India. His father died when he was seven years old and his mother later remarried with another man and gave birth to three more children besides Mahatma himself. The family struggled financially so they often had to sell their land or borrow money to help their family survive. At age 14, Mahatma left home for the first time with no money or possessions and started working as a clerk in a customs office in Bombay (now Mumbai)

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