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Is Online Employee Time Clock Software A Good Investment in 2021?

If you are a new owner or have recently become a manager, you may want to invest in the latest timesheet management software. Many business owners are hesitant about adopting this new technology, debating whether it is a good investment for their businesses. We get it; you don’t want to purchase something unless there is a high ROI or return on investment. However, we also know that there are some undeniable advantages to using this software. 

If you’re wondering what it is that is worth the investment, here it is. This job clock can help track all employees, ensure breaks happen, run daily reports, motivate an entire team, and help with scheduling problems. If you have been doing payroll by hand, 2021 is the year to invest in online employee time clock software.


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Online employee time clock apps do more than just track employee work hours and time off.

You will find that your team is happier knowing that you are giving them the freedom to work without hovering. It will motivate your workers to do better, and it will help you keep track of those who have never missed a day of work. This is a way to get your business and team organized. Being organized and put together is one of the best ways to ensure the success of a company.

Track All Employees

The bigger your company gets, the more employees you will have. It can be incredibly challenging to get them all on the same page. It can also be hard to see everyone’s hours when you are tracking by pen and paper. 

Using employee timesheet software allows you to track employee work hours down to the second automatically. You can quickly review employee work hours from one centralized dashboard and make adjustments to time as needed. Not only can you accurately track employee work hours, but you can sync employee time to your payroll provider automatically. This reduces the chances of clerical errors and ensures employees are paid in the correct amount each pay period.

Ensure Breaks Happen

When you have a large team that starts at different times, it can seem impossible to coordinate and manage breaks. You can’t expect everyone to remember when to go on breaks, especially in the middle of a big project. However, breaks are mandated in some states, so you must track them accordingly. 

With online employee time clock software, you can send out notifications to alert employees they have an upcoming break or missed taking a mandated break. Not only is this beneficial to you as an employer to ensure you remain labor law compliant, but to employees, as breaks provide them with the ability to renew during the workday.

Track Daily Reports

Online employee time clock software does more than just track employee work hours and time off. It can track essential business data like sales, time spent on projects and allows you to see how profitable you are. You can compare all of this with labor costs to see what your business makes in a day or week. Online timesheet software also stores all employee information securely in the cloud so that it can be accessed from any permitted location and device. 

Motivate Teams Of Employees

When your team knows that you are keeping track of time, projects and rewarding those who do well, this can help motivate them. They will see you are less concerned with time and more concerned with results. This can push your team to success but also encourages them to do better.

An online timecard system can also help increase productivity levels. When employees understand how they’re spending their time, they can better manage their day and ensure they’re on task to meet project deadlines. 

Help With Scheduling Ease

Lastly, using online employee time clock software can help with scheduling. It’s impossible to remember everyone’s availability and when they’ve requested time off. Each month your team can request days off through the app or update their schedule for availability. You have this information in one place, and you can schedule with ease.

If you’re still using an ancient time tracking method, then it may be time to make the switch to a modern solution. All of the benefits mentioned in this article make online employee time clock software an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes in 2021. 

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