July 12

Interesting News About Games


Today you can choose any game you like. Wasting time in the unreal world has become more interesting. You can play strategies, shooters, MMORPGs, Arcades, etc. gamblers always love to test their luck at sports betting and replay the same match in FIFA. Amazing feeling when you can be involved, learn something new, or even change your career thanks to the games. And all the changes influence your real life! We are going to proceed to our list of interesting facts about different games.

Artificial Intelligence is Playing Minecraft

With every month and year, AI shows more and more impressive and terrifying results. They are used to create unbelievable faces, revive the voices of dead people, write texts, and create illustrations according to the description. They are already playing board games and the future in general stands for Artificial intelligence.

The streamers think that this danger is encountered by them. They are mistaken. Because in the future there will be AI streamers that can not only attract the audience with tricks and jokes in a variety of ways from anime girls to brutal card game lovers. They will not let you down with their skill.

In a new blog from the most advanced AI company, OpenAI developers said that they taught the neural network how to play Minecraft. To achieve this, they measure over 70,000 hours of gameplay. The company will send $160,000 to a team of contractors to review and tag 2,000 hours of gameplay. Artificial intelligence ​​can figure out what it’s looking at and how it covers the action with the game.

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According to the developers, their AI player in Minecraft is able to create tools, including diamond ones. For a pro, it takes about 20 minutes. In addition, AI can perform other complex tasks: hunt, swim, eat, and jump on columns (popular entertainment). Moreover, for this, the AI ​​uses the keyboard and mouse as input tools, rather than a specially designed interface.

As OpenAI noted, this result shows that in the future, AI will be able to learn by watching thousands of hours of video. Yes, in some cases you will need a leather bag to explain what is happening, but even this biological element may become unnecessary over time.

Sonic Origins

The official Xbox channel has unveiled the release trailer for the Sonic Origins remastered collection. It includes four improved classic titles about the supersonic hedgehog and his friends.

You can play not only for Sonic himself but also for Tails and Knuckles. Games received improved graphics and high-quality cartoon intros.

The collection includes Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. Unfortunately, the quality of the remasters leaves much to be desired – 59% of positive reviews on Steam. Sonic Origins is available on PC and all current consoles.

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Gotham Knights

You can check the new video on Studio WB Games Montreal about Gotham Knights online. This time it is dedicated to Robin. You will be able to clean the city from murderers and dirt by Robin. New abilities and new actions will change the sphere.

The Dark Knight died so it is up to his students to keep the city clean. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood can take the mission. The game will be released on October 25 on PC, PS5, and Xbox.


This summer is going to be hot on games and additions. Lots of new games and lots of new updates won’t make you feel boredom. Join the unreal worlds, save them, and dont forget about the real world! Find the best game you like and enjoy!


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