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Inelz semi-permanent makeup: An innovation in the cosmetic industry


Inelz semi-permanent makeup is a treatment to enhance your facial beauty. Applying this treatment to your face will allow you to significantly upgrade your skin beauty. After every session of Inelz Glow, you can get a soft and natural evened out skin tone by injecting pigments through a special Pen with multiple vibrating needles (it is painless!). These needles will apply the skin colour into the most superficial layer of your skin and give you a perfect beauty –like foundation does. This makeup technique creates a new method of using makeup and adds a unique innovation in the makeup industry.

Do you want to know about it and wish to apply semi-permanent makeup? Go to Inelz website to learn more about it. Order your semi-permanent foundation starter kit and receive it at your home door within 2-4 working days. Do you want to know more about semi-permanent makeup and other treatments that Inelz allows you to do? Read the article from top to bottom. I hope you will get more knowledge.

In which parts of the body can you apply Inelz semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is designed to be applied on your face but you can also apply it on different body parts. For example, some famous fitness instagramers use it to contour their abs.

Semi-permanent makeup main procedures-

  • Eyeliner and Eyelash enhancement to make your eye shape more significant and more attractive.
  • You can fill your eye-brow with black or lighter pigments to look brows naturally full and perfect-shaped.
  • You can make your lips pinky rose by applying pigments and can use some tricks to give them an enlarged look.
  • You can change your skin colour with the Inelz semi-permanent foundation and can hide your skin imperfections.

Let’s know about some semi-permanent makeup treatment which you can apply to your face in order to get this attractive, radiant and glowing look.

  • Semi-permanent foundation for clean and glowing skin
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A semi-permanent foundation is infused into your skin via many micro-channels created with Inelz microneedling Pen. These micro-channels are created in the superficial area of the skin. The semi-permanent foundation will enter into your face and generate a kind of “fake layer” of pigments colour. Most of the women feel scared by hearing the use of needles. But don’t worry. You will hardly feel pain by this while applying the foundation.

  • Semi-permanent lip tint

If your lips are dark and it makes you always hesitate when going outside? Then semi-permanent lip tint is for you. If you apply this treatment to your lips, it will seem that you are wearing lipstick 24/7. It is exactly the same procedure as semi-permanent foundation. Micro channels will be created allowing the lip serum to enter. You can apply any colours like red, rosy pink or any darker colour you want. It will give you a natural look and permanent lipstick-like effect on your lips.

  • Semi-permanent eye-brow tint

Do you have a small and unnatural eye-brow? Then you can fix it by using semi-permanent makeup. It’s just like doing a tattoo. For this, you have to choose a colour that you want to put on your eye-brows. It will be better to pick a darker shade but don’t select the black if your natural eyebrows are lighter than black. It will look very odd to see and can ruin your make up treatment. This technique will also give you a perfect eye-brow with a beautiful eye-brow shape. It will last for about 4-5 months.


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After applying the semi-permanent makeup- your face and skin will look natural. It can hide your every flaw of your skin and give you a better and flawless look. Even nobody can feel that you have applied something on your skin. It will remain to your skin up to two months. You can also make your lips and eye-brows perfect. Semi-permanent make up is a better solution for applying to make up every day. Even it can give you a permanent and natural look than usual makeup.


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