August 26

How to Set Up a Kid-Friendly Backyard for Active Play


Turning your backyard into an enticing place for your kids is not a simple task, but it can be fun.

If you have a space like a flat lawn or a sand patch in your backyard, you can plan a few DIY projects and add toys to make it an attractive place for your kids to play in.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Sandbox

Backyard sand play is an exciting time for kids. It gives them a chance to touch the sand, dig it and get creative.

You can give your kids different types of sandboxes like:

* Natural sandpit: Build this by laying out concrete and drainage before filling it with kid-friendly sand.

* Sand table: Buy the table from a toy shop. Some tables have two sections. So you can put water in one section and pour sand in another.

* Improvised sandbox: If you can’t build a natural sandbox, you can still improvise. Use a shallow kid’s water pool. Fill it with sand and place toys around it.

Some of the toys you need are scoops, molds, shovels, buckets, funnels, and construction vehicles. If you want to build a wildlife-themed sandpit, you can add inflated animal toys too.

2. Toys

Outdoor toys will give your kids’ eyes a break and reduce boredom. So shut down the screens and let them go out to have a great time.

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Some of the toys that will provide lots of fun include:

* Toy archery: Children will love to hit the bullseye with a bow and arrow. You can also place it indoors during winter.

* Seesaw: Let your kids enjoy the classic seesaw they love to play with at school.

3. Kid’s Garden

Separate a section of your garden for your kids so they can learn how to grow plants. You’ll be amazed at how much your children will be interested in nursing plants, creating beds, and watching their plants grow.

Use these kid’s garden ideas to stir up the love for gardening in your children.

* Create a small patch where your kids can till the ground for planting

* Teach your kids to take ownership of their plants and care for them

* Show them how to use simple garden tools like small hoes and trowels

* Plant quick sprouting vegetables, shrubs, and flowering plants.

4. Treehouse

A treehouse can take different forms, from a simple portable one to a complex one designed by a professional architect. Your choice depends on the size and landscape layout of your yard, as well as your budget.

Kids love climbing up to treehouses to play and look out of the small window(s) at the world below.

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You can also construct a treehouse as a DIY project. Just ensure that your treehouse is safe and well installed. You can also make it attractive by adding different colors of paint.

5. Kid’s Pool

If your kids like playing with water in your bathroom or kitchen, consider acquiring an inflatable pool for them. During the summer, they will love the soothing feeling of cool water.

Near the water pool, you can add sprinklers and water balloons. Don’t forget to put cups, pitchers, ducks, plastic boats, and toys for your kids to have a great time playing with water.

If you already have a fountain or shallow pool in your garden, you can clean it and equip it with toys.

Another way to increase the fun is to install a water table with two sections. Add sand to one and water to the other. Your kids will love to visit their water table every day.

6. Art Projects

Nature stimulates creativity. Let the creative juices in your kids find expression outdoors.

Allow them to scribble, paint, draw or mold anything they can imagine.

You can fix the following things in your garden for kid’s art projects:

* A kid’s easel for painting during summer

* A blackboard with large colored chalk for scribbling, drawing, and coloring sketches.

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* Clay for molding pots and other small objects.

Put as much as you can in your backyard to help your kids do messy artwork.

7. Slides and Hopscotch

Kids love to run, jump, slide and exercise their little bodies. You can help them enjoy even more physical activities by installing a swing, slip, and slide, or hopscotch.

A slip and slide is great fun for older kids and adults. If you have enough space to put it in your yard, you can use it to introduce your kids to water sports.

Hopscotch is a simple game that many kids enjoy. It’s possible to create a colorful rainbow-colored hopscotch field by placing low-cost concrete pavers on your lawn. After which you paint them accordingly from 1 to 10.

These ideas are sufficient for you to turn your backyard into an inviting playground for your kids. And there is no better time like the present to give it a go. Assess your space, draw up a budget for the items you need, and get ready for a fun-filled summer with the kids.


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