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How To Identify A Suitable Influencer For Your Brand?


Is your business online? The right influencer can market your brand to your ideal clientele.


Influencers changed how we market our businesses. They increased the demand for authentic and creative content that connects with an audience. Clickbait no longer works and we trust the opinions of the people we follow and relate with online. Influencers are more likely to post their preferred brands. However, these preferences aren’t enough to justify working with you. Several other factors should also inform your decision. Influencers represent your brand so you must pick an ideal one. If you can’t afford influencers, you can use genuine sites to drive traffic to your social media accounts. For instance, Blastup allows you to buy followers for Instagram, views, and likes to improve your overall engagement.


Should You Use Influencer Marketing?

Millions of users depend on influencers’ opinions to make decisions on products and services daily. Influencers have followers that range between 500 to millions and your brand shouldn’t miss the opportunity to advertise on their platforms. Additionally, content creators offer detailed reviews and tutorials on how to use products.  Studies show that relatable content significantly increases the chances of making sales on a product.



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What Makes An Influencer Ideal Your Brand?

Good influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., who are legitimate sources of information have the following common traits;


  • Creative- an influencer should create and edit quality content
  • Tech-savvy- influencers should understand social media tools like scheduling and design platforms.
  • Pays attention to detail- content creation requires an influencer who creates eye-catching content.
  • Responsive- an influencer should respond promptly to interactions left on their content.
  • Social skills- an influencer should be pleasant and gets along well with his followers
  • Consistent- marketers require an influencer to create quality content reliably and use most social media features to his advantage.
  • Empathetic- people relate easily with influencers who show their genuine and authentic selves.

How To Choose The Right Influencer

Finding the right influencer for your brand is a difficult and time-consuming process but the following steps are a simple guide.


Social Listening

Take time to understand your audience. Perhaps your ideal influencer is part of your fanbase. You should pick influencers that align with your niche, values, and story. There are thousands of influencers in the social media industry and in the past, brands picked influencers based purely on aesthetics.  Recent marketing research shows that a content creator’s engagement with his online community is a better marker of his influence.

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Study An Influencer’s Metrics

Once you’ve narrowed down the number of influencers, study their content and research their metrics to monitor each one’s impact. Use software like Klear to view an influencer’s media mentions and engagement rates. This metric usually converts to authentic views and sales. Such information helps a marketing manager to negotiate an influencer’s rates. Additionally, it helps you identify influencers who have fake followers. Lastly, use your brand account’s insights to assign work to the best influencer.

Skills and Follower Ratio

Look for an influencer who creates quality content to appeal to your target clients. Managers should also compare an influencer’s followers and engagement to get a follower ratio. You need to understand the number of male and female followers to match your brand’s needs. For instance, an influencer with more female followers is ideal for cosmetic endorsements. Additionally, consider their tone of voice and personality. A business that loves a minimalist approach may avoid an influencer who loves graphics like emojis in his content.

Social Media Kit

Use an influencer’s social media kit for more insights into his work. A kit usually has previous campaigns and results that prove his performance. It’s a chance for content creators to show their communication skills. Since influencers are an excellent source of user-generated content, set clear brand rules and guidelines they should follow.

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Past collaborations

Ask other marketing managers for feedback about influencers in your industry. You can find out their rates, their return on investment, or any negative reviews that may affect your partnership.




Influencers are a fundamental aspect of marketing your brand. Choose one that adds value to your brand markets your services to your target clientele. Your choice should possess certain qualities and metrics you can use as you assess their influence.


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