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How Much Money Do You Need To Play Online Slots


SpinGenie is one of the most popular UK sites offering online slots that can give you hours of entertainment. They feature 3 reels, 5 reels, and the classic to the latest theme slot variations, such as the Bonanza MegaWays, Book of Cleopatra, Dynamite Riches, and Age of Asgard. But how much money do you need to play online slots? There are many factors to consider determining how much money you will need. So check out our guide below to assess your budget to play online slots.

Average Stake Amount

There are loads of online slots you can play at SpinGenie, which can be overwhelming. But before you switch from one game to another and place your bet, set your average stake amount. It is ideal to ensure that you can control your gambling hobby and avoid breaking your bank. You can bet $0.10 per spin, and your average stake amount can be $0.30. So it is up to you to set how much stake you can afford to lose per spin.

Variant’s Volatility and RTP Rate

Another determining factor on how much money you can spend in online slots is the game variant and RTP Rate. Since online slots are designed unique, they will have different RTP and volatility rates. This factor is essential to consider as going for high volatility variants with low RTP will cost you huge money. Thus, it is ideal to go for online slots with at least 95% RTP. Also, you can lessen your expenses and increase your odds by playing games with low volatility and high RTP. So make sure to carefully choose the slot games at SpinGenie that can meet your budget.

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Play Rate

Aside from the average stake amount, another factor that makes it hard to decide your gambling budget is your play rate. So the first thing you should do before you get into online slots is to set your schedule. You can play 30 minutes a day or 2-rounds a day, or maybe play 5-rounds on weekends. Once you’ve determined how fast and how long you’re going to play online slots, you can start deciding on your budget.

Play within Your Bankroll

While setting a game schedule is pretty easy, the number of spins you need may vary in an hour or day. So to determine how much money you will need in online slots will base on your bankroll. For example, you may spin around 250 to 300 in half an hour. And if you’re playing with a budget, the number of spins can go lower than that. Thus, the number of free spins you can do will not only be based on your play rate but also on your bankroll. Also, never stake the money that you don’t have to avoid bankruptcy.

Wagering Requirement

After setting your game schedule and determining your budget for online slot spins, don’t forget to check SpinGenie’s wagering requirements. It is essential dictating the restrictions and conditions you need to comply with to withdraw your winnings from bonus rounds and free spins. Moreover, you will need at least €10 to get a deposit bonus, and the wagering requirement will vary from 30 times to 60 times depending on the winning.

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Overall, there are many factors that players need to consider before coming up with a specific budget to play online slots. However, keep in mind that online slots are a game of luck and a form of entertainment. Thus, make sure to play responsibly and avoid excessive gambling.


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