May 27

House Speaker Calls for Banning Clinton Access to Classified Information During Campaign


House Speaker Paul RyanHouse Speaker Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan called banning Hillary Clinton access to classified information during the presidential campaign period based on the findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that she was “extremely careless” in handling sensitive e-mails during her term as Secretary of State.

During a press conference, Ryan said he wants National Intelligence Director James Clapper to deny the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of receiving classified briefings the national convention.

Ryan calls Clinton” reckless”

House Speaker Ryan said, “Look I was on the ticket in 2012. After the convention, you get the deep, full, classified information as part of transition, as part of being a nominee. I think, the DNI Clapper should deny Hillary Clinton access to classified information during this campaign given how she so recklessly handled classified information.”

He made the statement as FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before a House Committee hearing to explain the agency’s recommendation not to file criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton or her staff.

Director Comey explained that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Mrs. Clinton because there was no evidence that she intentionally or willfully mishandled classified information, disloyal to the United States, or made efforts to obstruct justice.

According to Ryan, Director Comey has still a lot of questions to answer regarding the agency’s recommendation. He said, “Director Comey’s presentation shredded the claims that Secretary Clinton made throughout the year with respect to this issue. He laid out a case how the things she had been saying she had or had not done were false.”

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“We have seen nothing but stonewalling and dishonesty from Secretary Clinton on this issue, and that means there are a lot more questions that need to be answered,” added Ryan.

The intelligence briefings for presidential candidates

President Harry Truman launched the intelligence briefings to presidential candidates in 1952 to ensure that the eventual president-elect is fully prepared to assume office. Truman suddenly became the 33rd President of the United States in 1945 after the death of Franklin Roosevelt. When he assumed office, he realized that he was ill-informed on issues related to intelligence and national security matters.

He made a decision that no future president should take office as uninformed as he had been was one of the reasons for the intelligence briefings given to presidential nominees, according to the introduction to an unclassified CIA history in briefings of presidential candidates.


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