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Guayusa – the miracle plant from the rainforest – the natural workout booster


Anyone who actively deals with their own optimization in order to achieve more performance and well-being
will also deal with nutrition. In this context, one or the other may have heard of a unique and 100% natural energy drink from the depths of the Amazoans rainforest. The guayusa tea.

In this article I would like to bring you closer to what this plant is all about, what nutrients, active ingredients and properties the plant has. At the same time, I will compare Guayusa with other plants and go into a common workout booster so that you get a better impression .

Why guayusa as workout booster?

Guayusa has been used by indigenous people in the rainforest for over 2,000 years before hunting. They say that guayusa gives them more stamina, focus, faster regeneration ability and regeneration ability .
The leaves of the tree are therefore prepared and drunk as tea before the hunt. A hunt sometimes goes a whole night in order to be able to withstand the exertion, the hunters drink many cups one after the other.

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What are the ingredients of guayusa?

The inconspicuous leaf combines all the positive ingredients of coffee, cocoa and green tea.
It is the most caffeine-rich leaf in the world and therefore has twice more caffeine than mate, at the same time it has
more antioxidants than matcha tea. Theobromine and theophylline are included as well as the amino acid
Guayusa tea also has all the essential amino acids, including leucine, isoleucine and
valine, better known as BCAA (branched-chain amino acids).

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How does Guayusa work?

The combination of the ingredients already suggests how the leaf of the Amazon Indians works.
After one or two cups of guayusa tea, which is particularly effective on an empty stomach, a state of
relaxed alertness sets in . Your body begins to relax and your mind becomes very clear,
active, and focused. You only really notice the energy that passes through your body during
and after your workout. Your performance is increased and the time your body
needs to regenerate is significantly reduced. Not least thanks to the naturally occurring BCAAs.
Despite the extremely high caffeine content, there is no palpitations, tremors or tremors
Jitteriness. The L-theanine in Guayusa tea is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and
puts you in a pleasant flow state. During a workout, this state is
particularly evident in the fact that you are 100% involved in every sentence, without wandering in
your mind.

  • The ingredients theobromine and theophylline are also of great importance.
  • Theobromine increases oxygen uptake by increasing blood flow to the airways, reducing
    toxins and improving brain activity.
  • Theophylline widens the air channels in the lungs and also helps to absorb more oxygen
  • Theophylline also blocks the release of histamine.
  • Chronic complaints such as asthma or bronchitis are relieved by a low release of histamine.

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How does guayusa taste?

The cooked Guayusa leaves have a herbal, slightly tart and at the same time sweetish
taste. The tea has no bitter substances and is therefore very pleasant to drink. The gentle
taste of Guayusa does not make one expect that there is so much power behind this tea! If you want
a change in taste, you can use guayusa blends or the ready-made
energy drinks. Ready-made Guayusa blends are available from GUYA.

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How to make guayusa

Guayusa is sold as a cut leaf or as a ready-made energy drink.

The fine leaf cut is prepared like a normal herbal tea. Water at 100 ° C is used
for this. The brewing time of Guayus a should be at least 5 minutes, but there is
no upper limit, as Guayusa has no bitter substances. Simply leaving the leaves in the tea strainer
is therefore highly recommended! Guayusa is a very practical tea that you don’t have to worry
about the temperature and brewing time like with green or black tea.
A so-called cold brew is even easier . Guayusa can simply be poured over with cold water. Here
you simply take the same amount of leaves, pour tap water on them and stand them for 6-12
Hours in the refrigerator. You get a 100% natural energy booster without spending a lot of money or

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The finished energy drinks are available from the GUYA brand in three flavors. The
specialty of the drinks is that it is a mix of energy drink and fruit lemonade
. The manufacturer does not use any flavors, refined sugar or other artificial
ingredients. The Guayusa energy drinks are prepared in a traditional way, in which
the leaves are boiled for hours. The resulting brew is so concentrated in active ingredients that it is
significantly more effective than well-known energy drinks. The
energy drink is particularly recommended when you are out and about.

Guayusa Vs. Coffee

What is the difference between guayusa and coffee? The complexity of active ingredients in
Guayusa is significantly higher and accordingly the effect is completely different. Coffee gives a
very quick “kick-ass” effect, but it disappears quickly due to the unbound caffeine
. You cannot expect long-lasting energy from a coffee, just as you cannot expect
a state of flow.
In Guayusa, on the other hand, the caffeine is
bound to additional stimulating substances such as theobromine, theophylline and L-theanine. The quick “kick-ass” effect does
not materialize, but after an action time of 30-60 minutes, Guayusa catapults you into a state that you can still feel
don’t know. You are wide awake, you can direct your additional energy in a very focused manner, your
thoughts are clear and not as erratic as with coffee. The effects last between 4 and 6

Guayusa Vs. Green Tea

Green tea, especially matcha, is often used as a healthy booster. It is always
forgotten that green tea is extremely rich in L-theanine. The amino acid that Guayusa also has,
but in a smaller amount. L-theanine and caffeine in the right proportions has a very
positive influence on your energy level in the body. Too much L-theanine, however, has a negative
effect, at least on your workout. Maybe you know the term “tea-drunk”? Tea-Drunk is a
state in which you feel in a good mood and euphoric, but at the same time
you cannot control (direct) this euphoria and energy.

With guayusa, the ratio between caffeine and L-theanine is in better proportion.
This drops your stress level and you are in a good mood, at the same time the caffeine works and gives you energy.
Theobromine and theophylline then act and prolong the wakefulness.

Guayusa Vs. Conventional Workout Boosters

Since every workout booster aims at the same thing, namely more focus, a better pump and more
performance, every brand always contains similar ingredients. The main ingredients are
usually BCAAs, caffeine or guarana extract and the two amino acids L-tyrosine and beta-alanine.
Creatine is also often included. For a workout of around 60 minutes, it is recommended to take 3 to 5
grams of beta-alanine per drink. Of course, a natural Guayusa infusion is
not enough.

But guayusa can support your workout as an add-on and you can do without expensive and artificial
energizers. Guayusa even takes on part of the job from the booster. Guayusa
helps you to have more stamina through a long-lasting increase in performance, to have more joy and
motivation during your workout and reduces stress levels through L-theanine.
Where can you buy guayusa?
The company GUYA offers a range of Guayusa products of the highest organic quality.
You can find their product range HERE. In addition to the pure Guayusa tea, you will also
find Guayusa variations with orange and mint as well as a Guayusa Chai. The mentioned energy limos
you can also find there. There are also three flavors here: Pure, Wild Berry and Yuzu.


Guayusa offers a number of advantages, which are confirmed by an irrefutable proof from the
native people of the Amazon. These have been using Guayusa for around 2,000 years as a kind of
workout booster before hunting and during field work.
A 100 g pack of Guayusa tea holds around 40 to 50 cups. Overdosing is practically
impossible. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable and the effect can be
recommended to everyone .

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