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Minimalism and monochrome trends are no longer trendy, as more people begin to opt for more colour in their interiors. The interior decor industry caters to every taste, so they always have several colour options that suit the trend. But today’s colourful trends have opened up the range with more designs and patterns, making them suitable to all tastes. One primary aspect of this colour trend is tiling. Tiles are the latest trend in interior decor for their multitude of options, as they come in various shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, designs, etc. Tiling is also versatile as it can go on floors, walls, and ceilings. Wallpapers, artwork, upholstery, and more, there are several options for those wanting to bring a pop of colour into their homes, offices, or any other spaces.


While colour is the trend today, some colours and interior decor pieces are also in vogue. People can opt from the array of choices available for homes that are trendy every season.


Block Colour Upholstery

Upholstery includes all the cloth decor pieces from curtains, tapestries and rugs to sofas, ottomans, and cushions. Block colours refer to entire blocks of colour without patterns or designs on them, and these colours are usually bright or loud. The colour’s intensity makes it a statement piece, and people can juxtapose the various colours to form a design. Or they could choose tones of a single colour palette and create a synchronous interior aesthetic. Colours like mustard yellow, rustic orange, moss green, navy blue, peachy pink, and jewel tones are the best choices for colour blocking.

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Patterned Doors

Doorways and doors were usually single or block colours. But today, patterns on doors are all the rage on social media, with decor influencers and brands flaunting doors with mandala carvings or chevron patterns. These doors become the statement piece and add a chic vibe to the interiors or exteriors. Designers and homeowners can opt for rounded or shaped doors to add a unique look. The door frame is also an essential part of the decor, and designers could merge it to the door or use it to accentuate the door’s design.

The Design Tile

The unending tile range allows designers limitless creative potential. Tiles come in various materials, though ceramic and porcelain seem to be the favourite. Tiling that forms a more extensive pattern is the trend today, allowing for a dynamic interior aesthetic. Moroccan tiles and Chinese blue porcelain are also popular choices for tiling a home, bringing an array of colour possibilities. Tiles also come with embossment or carvings, adding intriguing effects that are also tactile. Tiling also makes for effortless maintenance, as dirt doesn’t stick to tiles, and people can maintain their interiors better.


The Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is the best aesthetic option for compact homes, as it allows for less clutter and more designs. Storage like pull-down shelves, moveable dividers, hidden cabinets, stair cupboards, etc., also offers plenty of design options. The exterior merges with the wall, but people could opt for a complementary colour inside, to add to the aesthetics when the shelf or cupboard is open. These hidden storages allow people to store all their belongings and are ideal for apartments and suites, where space is a luxury.

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Decal Walls

Wall decals are probably the most effortless interior design options, and the limitless range of designs available makes them suitable for all aesthetic themes. Wall decals are stickers that people can stick on their walls or any surface. They come in various types, but people can also opt for transparent stickers that create an illusion. These stickers look painted on the wall because of the transparency. They are excellent options for coloured walls, which offer perfect backgrounds for the designs on the sticker.

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