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Five Festivals to Bring you to India


Img Source: theglobalshuffle.comImg Source: theglobalshuffle.com
Img Source: theglobalshuffle.com

India is a large country, full of diversity and amazing places to visit. The exotic culture of India attracts many tourists from around the world. If you’re hoping to visit India, plan ahead to explore the country during one of the important cultural celebrations to make it a more meaningful experience.

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Img Source: telegraph.co.ukImg Source: telegraph.co.uk
Img Source: telegraph.co.uk


Also known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is one of the biggest holiday celebrations in India. The festival takes place all over India, so particulalry if you are traveling to one of the big cities you will be in for a special celebration experience. The time of year varies slightly, but typically takes place in October or November. People clean their homes and set up colorful decorations for the event, especially candles and lights, and there are lots of firework displays on the night of the holiday.

Img Source: anandaindia.orgImg Source: anandaindia.org
Img Source: anandaindia.org


While Diwali is the festival of lights, Holi is the festival of colors. Every year in India during March there is a huge colorful celebration, and while historic fiction varies depending on where you are in India, the bright festivities remain the same. If you participate in the Holi celebration, you’re guaranteed to come away covered in colorful powder and dripping from water balloons filled with colored water.

Img Source: parhlo.comImg Source: parhlo.com
Img Source: parhlo.com


A festival that lasts 9 days, Navaratri is a very special time of year in India. Coming to India during Navaratri, you’ll be able to watch traditional dances and songs during the evenings performed by the locals. It’s a time of both feasting and fasting for Hindus, and perhaps you’ll have the chance to try some of the local dishes that are typical during this holiday.

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Img Source: usatoday.comImg Source: usatoday.com
Img Source: usatoday.com

Krishna Janmashtami

Taking place in August or September, the Krishna Janmashtami is a celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. Traditional sweets and pastries are made during this time, using milk, butter, and ghee. One of the traditional forms of celebration is called the Dahi Handi, in which a pot of buttermilk or coconut water is hung very high. Groups of men who have trained and practice then try forming a human pyramid to reach the pot and knock it over. It’s an amusing and entertaining event to watch, and a perfect chance for photographers in India to get some great cultural shots.

Img Source: rove.meImg Source: rove.me
Img Source: rove.me

Ganesha Chaturthi

Celebrating the elephant-headed god Ganesha, this important holiday celebration takes place over a period of eleven days. People buy and build statues and idols of Ganesha to keep in their homes for this time, and on the final day bring them in a parade through the streets to submerge them in water. Some of the statues can be up to twenty feet in height, and lavishly decorated with ornamental gold, flowers, and jewelry.

Img Source: qz.comImg Source: qz.com
Img Source: qz.com

Whatever draws you to India-the climate, the culture, the cuisine- coming to the country during one of the big annual celebrations is the perfect way to truly enjoy an exceptional experience. Book a professional vacation photographer today to make sure you have excellent photos to remember all of the best parts.

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