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Exploring the best smart office features and why it’s a viable workplace solution in the future- Eric J Dalius elucidates.


In the current business landscape of the world and especially in the wake of the pandemic, most corporate honchos, office managers, and real estate professionals maintain how we’re stepping foot into the smart office era. 

  • Business establishments and startups are coming with smart offices to start their operations. It’s a workplace where you leverage technology to help your staff work faster, better, and way smarter.
  • Eric Dalius shows how you can achieve a smart office by clearing your employees’ hurdles. 
  • You eliminate unnecessary barriers and menial tasks and do away with things that exhaust your money, time, and energy. Smart office solutions help businesses focus on things that matter.
  • Conventionally, a smart office setup comprises an amalgam of technologies and tools that connect your staff in one loop and put your IT and infrastructure and building in the same process. 

The smart office is not a cookie-cutter solution. It improves collaboration. In an increasing knowledge economy, brands need to collaborate more than ever. When different ideas and individuals commingle, you get new ideas. It leads to innovation. 


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The most compelling features

An increase in productivity is the most prominent lookout of a smart office. Employees are often under stress because they tend to search for better workspace in their workplace. It affects productivity and morale. 

  • Businesses are investing heavily in advanced devices and equipment, securing the monitoring, processing, and smooth and seamless running of their operations. 
  • In addition to improving employee engagement, a smart office also helps you retain your employees. It boosts and fosters a positive work culture. It promotes harmony and confidence among your employees. 
  • Simplification of work schedule is another reason why new companies are opting for smart office solutions. 
  • With cutting-edge tools and technology, businesses can simplify and streamline their work schedules for the staff. 
  • Sharing of files and documents becomes more comfortable, which bolsters the entire process of work of management. 
  • If you see the most successful startups in the last two years, you’ll see a religious integration of smart solutions in their business setup. 

Put smart desks and meeting/conference rooms. Modern video monitoring is a must. The lighting and climate control should be intelligent. The companies provide cloud-based recognition and rewards programs. 

Gamification, indoor maps and voice control are the other crucial aspects, adds Eric Dalius

Analytics of usage

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They help your business to optimize space. Analytics and automation provide you with insights about your workplace, bolstering advance booking. It ensures timely alerts and reports that intimate you with the concerned floor utilization. 

You can schedule your programs and invite your team members through smartphone alters. Virtual meetings have become a cakewalk in this way. Analytics is essential for new businesses because they send alerts of your conference rooms and their availability. 

EJ Dalius also highlights how smart office envisages cloud storage. It stores all your business data in the Cloud, enabling you to access it from anywhere. The SaaS applications help businesses in the cloud get more cross-compatibility and flexibility. It also helps with smart parking and timely parking management. 


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