November 21

Design Ideas for Your Game Room


Having a game room is one of the best ideas for your home. This is a place where you can relax while having fun with your family or friends. You can decide to set aside a small area in your living room, or you can turn the whole basement into a gaming center.

The amount of space you have will determine the kind of gaming equipment that you will install.

Ideas for a Small Game Room Design

If the room is small, it can limit you to just a few gaming activities that don’t require much movement. But with the right ideas, you can convert the small space into a comfortable, relaxing, and elegant place. Ensure the room has adequate light fixtures. Here are some of the games you can have in your small room.

Darts – this is a good option because it doesn’t require much space. It only requires a wall space and a set distance for playing. It’s also cheap to set up.

Poker table – you can install a poker table because it doesn’t require much movement while playing.

Gaming console – install your favorite console like the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS, or a Nintendo Wii. You can use a projector to project your screen on the wall instead of buying a big flat screen. Use the sidebar speakers since they use very small space. Ensure that you have comfortable chairs that can allow you to sit for long hours.

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Ideas for a Larger Game Room Design

Having a big room as a game center can allow you to have various games in one place. You can install various gaming equipment like the multi-game table, air hockey table, ping pong table, darts, PC Console, and many more. Here are some of the layout and decorating ideas for your game room.

  1. Entertainment

Install the TV screen at strategic points where everyone can be able to see. You can have more than one TVs. Place one above the bar and the other near the game tables. Invest in a good sound system like a jukebox and state -of -the -art speakers which can make your movies and sports immersive.

  1. Comfortable furniture

As much as you want a fun and entertaining environment, comfort should be a priority. Invest in nice, comfy and classic furniture. Have a coffee table, nice stools for the bar, and comfortable sofas with matching ottomans where you can sit when not playing. If you have PC Console games, you can have gaming chairs that are ergonomically designed for comfort. Have a storage cabinet for storing the gaming accessories and your game library.

  1. Lighting

Although you may not want to have a too bright game room, good lighting is important. If you are playing foosball, then you will need a clear view of the field you are playing on. Have fixtures for natural light, but if your game room is on the basement, then you will need to invest in dangling ceiling lightings and chandeliers around the game tables and above the bar. There are modern, stylish lighting solutions that can bring a lovely ambiance to your game room. A good example is the LED lighting.

  1. Room décor
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You can paint the walls according to your taste. You can go for the vintage look of brown-yellow walls, brick wall or white with some paintings and decorative images. Colorful carpet on the floor will make the room vibrant. Have a kids’ corner with a lovely theme where you can place their toys, and they can play there. Ensure that the room is well organized and clutter-free.

  1. A nice bar

The last thing you will want when having fun in the game room is to run to the kitchen to get some refreshments! Have a bar in your game room where you can have your beer, wine, soft drinks, and water.  You can also have a coffee maker machine for those people who love to brew coffee. Install nice and comfortable stools for that relaxing moment with your loved ones or guests.

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