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Debt collection defense in Chicago: Things to know



When you are being pursued by a debt collector in Chicago, things can get frightening after a point. You probably had the intention of repaying the debt but had forgotten about it. Whatever the reasons, there are things that debt collectors can and cannot do. A lot depends on whether you have a valid case against the creditor. No matter the situation, talking to a Chicago debt collection defense attorney can help. Here are some key aspects that may come in handy.

Being sued for debts

There are various ways to respond when you are being sued for debt. The first is a no-brainer, which is about ignoring the debt collector. Remember that this could be a big mistake because the creditor can get a default judgment against you. You can otherwise choose to respond to the lawsuit and decide your line of defense. You may have a case where you can prove that the creditor has no legal claim against you. Alternatively, you can have an attorney who takes the matter ahead on your behalf.

Other things to know

Debt collectors cannot threaten or lie to you to recover money. They are also not allowed to hound you at work or threaten to inform your friends and family members. They cannot also call you repeatedly or try tactics to recover money – These methods are a violation of the law. If you are subjected to any of that, talk to a lawyer without delay.

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Defending debt collection lawsuits

If you really own the money and have no valid case against the creditor, you don’t have much choice but repay the money. However, many people have genuine defenses against debt-collection lawsuits. Creditors have limited time to file a lawsuit and recover the money, but if the deadline set by the statute of limitations has passed, they cannot harass debtors for payment. That is usually the first line of defense. Your lawyer can also check whether the filing has been done right, and if there are mistakes in the same, they can get the case dismissed. If your creditor doesn’t have the original paperwork and evidence to prove that you owe the money, they don’t have a claim against you, and your debt defense lawyer can use that as a valid point.

Finding the right lawyer

There is no denying that debt collection defense is a specific area of law, and you don’t need any random lawyer but someone who can take on these big creditors and agencies that make things hard for commoners. Undoubtedly, experience should precede everything else, and you should find a law firm with a reliable track record. Most law firms in Chicago will be happy to do an assessment, for which many debt collection defense lawyers don’t charge a fee or ask for a nominal charge. Meet the attorney, discuss your concerns, and ensure you understand their strategy well.

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No matter the situation, consider getting a legal review of your debt collection lawsuit. Most lawyers will offer a free initial consultation in Chicago, which is a good advantage.



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