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Can you lose weight through martial arts?


Losing weight and exercising. Often an annoying topic for many. Blunt training in the gym may not be an alternative for many. But that karate, judo and co. Can help to lose weight sustainably does not occur to most of them. Since life is not a pony farm, it is not enough “just” to do sport. The path to a lean and healthy body means a change in diet, habits, but above all a change in the head …

How many calories do you use in karate and co?

Sport and exertion force the body to use its own fat reserves in order to gain new energy. In martial arts,
several areas are trained due to punches, kicks, etc. To maintain this effect, it is essential to train the endurance. Without this, the energy can also be obtained from blood and cells
– that is not good. So you should do additional cardio exercises at the beginning: jump rope jumping, jogging, jumping jacks or the like. It is equally important to strike a balance between
Training and the so-called rest days (break days). Exerting yourself too much is unhealthy and does not lead to the desired goal. Which martial art is ultimately best for losing weight is at your own discretion. Why? The calorie consumption is similar: you can expect to burn up to 660 kcal per hour. So when choosing a sport you should consider how much fun it can and will be. It is often the case that training is seen as a burden and a necessary evil. Martial arts are team sports – the group dynamics can also motivate and that should not be underestimated. This is where the change in the head mentioned at the beginning occurs! Details are explained here .

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Increase calorie consumption through exercise

What are calories anyway? Simply put: the energy we get from food. Everyone has a certain calorie requirement per day. If you burn as much as you
eat, you keep your weight. If the energy requirement is lower than the calorie intake, you gain weight. Conversely, you lose weight if you don’t meet
your needs at the end of the day . If the eyes are on the latter, it is essential to boost consumption, but how? It is true that you burn calories in everyday life without exercising,
but not long enough to lose weight that way. So you have to move: you can’t avoid it!

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Archery as an alternative?

Another way to get or stay fit can be found in archery. It is ideal as an entry-level sport, especially when motivation is lacking.
The back, shoulder and arm muscles are trained by standing upright and exercising tension. Archery is an interesting alternative, especially for people who have to sit a lot due to work. However, the focus here is not on burning calories, but on endurance and coordination. A good archer needs patience and focus. Useful properties that are enhanced and developed through this sport.

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Diets can cause the yo-yo effect

In order to lose weight as quickly as possible, many rely on so-called crash diets or juice cures. This approach may avoid rapid successes, but be careful! These methods are
tricky. So you lose muscle first, not fat. If you then see a smaller number on the scales and then start eating “normally” again, the kilos are
quickly up again . If you let the body starve, it adjusts to a dangerous situation and prepares future food more quickly. This so-called yo-yo effect is unhealthy and
frustrating. Losing weight healthily requires time and patience, but this is the only way to achieve sustainable success. This calorie calculator can help.

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Change of diet should be observed

On the way to a healthier body, it is not only important to exercise, but also to change your diet. “You are what you eat”, a well-known phrase with a lot of truth. What and
how we eat and drink affects not only weight, but also well-being and health. So you should stay
away from fast food or similarly unhealthy food . But there are numerous alternatives with which a healthy diet is not only possible, but also delicious.
The following foods are absolute go’s:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • whole grain products
  • Low fat dairy products
  • legumes
  • Lean meat

The following foods are absolute no-no’s

  • alcohol
  • wheat flour
  • Sweets
  •  Soft drinks

But with all this, one shouldn’t forget to regularly take in proteins. Proteins, as they are often called in everyday language, are, among other things, essential for building
and maintaining muscle. They should definitely be on the menu every day. A distinction is made between animal and vegetable proteins:
Animal proteins Vegetable proteins

  • flesh
  • fish
  • oatmeal
  • Wheat germ
  • Eggs
  •  Dairy products
  • Quinoa
  • Beans

Here are tips for healthy eating.


Living a healthy life should be a concern of everyone. Exercise and healthy diets are inevitable contributors to this goal. Of course, it is often difficult to overcome your weaker self at the beginning, but it is worth it! Constantly following new diet trends just to get to know the yo-yo effect again is not a long-term solution. Eating healthy and dealing with it may be difficult at first, but the effort pays off. A fit body will thank you with a sense of well being. You shouldn’t choose a sport that you don’t enjoy because it is really just a necessary evil. But if you manage to turn a sport into a hobby and
feel real joy in doing so, that is a valuable asset.

Martial arts definitely has the potential to develop into such a passion if you allow it. You are well served by the full-body workout that you get during a single training session. The feeling of togetherness created by the group constellation is added as a cherry on top of the cream free of charge.

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