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Can I play video slots on my mobile phone?


When slot games transitioned online in the mid-1990s, few could have predicted their journey. Even fewer could have imagined that once up online, they would continue to streamline, getting more and more accessible and convenient for the consumers every year – click to play slot games.

Back in the late 1990s before mobile phones were as developed as they are now, online slots meant logging on to your online casino site on a desktop computer, probably a PC. Nowadays, mobile phones are rendering obsolete just about every gadget we once thought of as indispensable.

Video slots are now as easy to play on your mobile phone as it is to log into Facebook or update Twitter. What’s more, gamblers love the convenience of using their mobiles to play slots. Why?

The fewer times you have to keep switching devices to do things, the easier your life gets. It’s all about convenience. If you have once electronic gadget in your pocket with which you can do everything, from paying the gas bill to spinning the reels, it makes your daily life just that little bit easier.

Pay-outs increase as technology gets better

It’s no secret to recognise that although spinning the reels is fun, we’re in it to win some money. The good news is that the better the technology gets, the higher the prizes are for the gamblers.

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Setting up and maintaining online casino sites that people can access from their mobile phones is not expensive for the casino companies. In actual fact, it’s pretty cheap for online casino sites to get started.

As a result, once the deals have been struck to partner with iGaming content developers, everything is in place to offer the gamblers a really positive user experience. This happy cycle goes on.

The accessibility of offering video slots on people’s mobile devices means that more and more people sign up, each person depositing cash into online casinos’ accounts. There’s more money in play, more gets ploughed back into the industry to develop the content, and the quality goes up year on year.

Lastly, as it’s essentially run on a pool system, the more people that play means that the jackpots and prizes get higher.

Like any progressive jackpot slot, the amounts you can win nowadays have never been seen and they’ll only get bigger.

More generous RTPs with video slots

Video slots are better for your bankroll too. Video slot games have higher RTP percentages than traditional casino slots games. It’s common to find video slots RTP rates at around the 95% if you look around. These kind of percentages just didn’t exist previously.

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Video slots: A growing phenomenon

In short, yes – you can play video slots on your mobile. More and more people are doing just that and it’s an industry which isn’t just growing, it’s booming.

The number of online gambling accounts held in the United Kingdom at the end of 2019 was over 31,570,000 and last year in 2020 the BBC reported that “there had been a huge increase in customers playing online slots.”


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