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Can I play at the same slot from all countries? 


The world has changed considerably over the decade so there is no reason for the gambling industry to remain static. Gamblers can play online or in land based casinos. This gives players more flexibility to gamble, but more importantly, it allows the  players to wager from countries that do not have any land based casinos.

For example, countries like Norway and Japan have no casinos, but you can go on the web and search for UK Pound online casinos to gamble at. Then you can play all casino games at the most popular Australian dollar online casinos, or enjoy the experience at a US or UK casino site.

Speaking about the different rules and regulations regarding slots, here is how the legislation works in different countries around the world.

  • The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom allows you to gamble if you are 18 and above. All sites that offer gambling services like slots or advertise them need to have a license to do so. This is mentioned in the 2005 Gambling Act.

  • Canada

Gambling and all its forms are under state protection in Canada. It is regulated in 10 provinces and 3 territories across the country. All slots, lotteries, casinos follow the laws lead down by the governing territory or province. Slot machines are legalized in all ten provinces but it’s best to check the restrictions before opting to bet.

  • Australia

Gambling rules in Australia are pretty complicated. There has been a shift in the policy setting new regulations but slot machines and their usage is legalized across the whole continent.

  • United States

As with all other legislation matters, the US federal government leaves it to the states to decide on their gambling laws as well. Many states have legalized gambling, many are on their way to do so, while the rest are in no hurry to do so. Generally speaking, you can gamble in almost every state of the US, and slots games are never a problem for any.

  • Japan

Japan is a densely populated country with fully modernized technology, but with a firm ban on gambling. There are many entertainment sources where you can literally throw your money at, but restrictions for land based gambling casinos.

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Japanese gamblers chose to play slots online because there are no slot machines there. At least not the ones where you play with and for real money.

  • Africa

It’s easier to say where you can visit casinos in Africa – casino resorts in South Africa and Egypt. In other regions, local authorities have no plans to legalize any gambling activities. 

The final word:

As you can see different countries and regions around the world have different policies in terms of slot machine gaming. Because of the strict legislation surrounding gambling in rich countries like Norway and Japan, online gambling has become more popular than ever. Gambling is still legal in many countries across the globe, even in those that do not allow the building and operations of land based casinos.


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