July 16

Artificial Intelligence for the web positioning of companies

Although many still resist thinking that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to change practically everything digital, the truth is that most already assume that it will be part of any equation in social networks, ecommerce, corporate processes and, how no, from marketing.

And it makes a lot of sense. While search engines have constantly changed their algorithms in search of information not only more relevant but personalized for their users – actually that is its value – making marketing, seo and sem experts have to recycle almost weekly so that their If strategies were to have results, the arrival of AI and Deep learning will mean an unprecedented revolution that will transform what has been known until now. It’s more. it is already doing it silently and without pause.

Any  seo agency  worth its salt is already behind the possibilities that it will offer for organic positioning, the way to use and understand the automated learning that artificial intelligence (AI) brings. If before, user data was worth its weight in gold, right now, its value has exploded exponentially because it is, based on them, big data and its correct use that the new algorithms will work that will lead from the particular to the the general.

In fact, in this decade, more than ever,  SEO positioning is  going to be key to the visibility of companies that have digitized all their processes by leaps and bounds since 2020 brought with it a change of uses and customs by force. Something that not only happened in our country but also internationally.

It is clear that we have seen how our lives have changed in the last year and a half, being accelerated and immersed in a fully digital world for both labor relations, education or business. That is why any company today must follow the following five keys when it comes to web positioning:

1) Establish a clear, concise and measurable business strategy.

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2) Understand your target audience in detail.

3) Understand the competition within the industry.

4) Understand how to use search engine optimization for your website.

5) Have a content marketing strategy aligned with the chosen business objectives.

If before the number of users who went to social networks and internet search engines in search of products and information was increasingly higher, now nearly 80% of those under 65 years of age admit spending at least two hours of their day in front of a screen informing about all kinds of topics and even buying products or services.

That is why more and more agencies have seen the potential of Machine Learning.

The current positioning strategies using artificial intelligence range from the analysis of the competition, the creation of the structure of the client website, the internal linking, the creation of content and the search and implementation of the most powerful backlinks by subject and sector. the client’s. In this way, it is possible to carry out projects tailored to the needs of each of its clients, in addition to saving implementation times and unnecessary costs for them ”, explains Preeti Bala, CEO and founder of the www.DelhiSEOCompany.com

When a client comes to a digital agency with the intention that they carry out a new project to improve their online reputation or their positioning on the Internet, it is essential to understand what their potential clients are looking for and how their competition reaches them .

So the first thing an agency does is find out the search intent of those end users. Here, AI analysis is gaining strength and highlighting the projects that use it. Giving a plus in quality of the information and details of it.

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Positive results in these cases usually come sooner and with less investment. All this, due to the customization and particularized approach by sector, business, service, product and keyword that is used.

To the letter. Without a doubt, that is the ultimate goal of AI applied to the digital world. Offer the user information, products, services, content and results focused on the user’s real search intention that has actually done a previous screening independent of the platform in question. And for that, from the marketing area, it is time to bet on all the advances that have arrived and assume them in all the strategies.

The future of digital marketing will be very exciting. Recent advancements in AI have allowed us to analyze vast amounts of data and use it to develop highly personalized content, targeted ads, and conversion-driven design experiences.

AI has also allowed us to create highly personalized chatbots that can give customers quick answers to their questions or provide them with the information they need without waiting in line.

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The future of digital marketing is only limited by our imagination. There are so many different opportunities and avenues we can take that it can make us obsolete and unable to keep up with technology itself.

It is exciting to think about your future, although to tell the truth it is difficult to know what will happen in a year, much less in the medium or long term. Technology and AI are advancing at such a rapid rate that it can be difficult to keep up.

In this article we have already anticipated some ideas, but what does the future of web positioning hold for us? Are we at the dawn of a new revolution that will change the world of business and marketing forever?


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