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9 Best Toronto Instagram Spots


Are you searching for the best Toronto Instagram spots for photos? As the largest city of Canada, Toronto has hundreds of incredible places to shoot high-quality photographs for your Instagram page, including the CN Tower and Nathan Phillips Square.

To get thousands of likes on Instagram, you need to impress your followers by posting fresh and stunning content on your page. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the must-visit places in Toronto that guarantee high-quality Instagram photos. You can later turn your Instagram timeline into a photo book with only a few clicks away with the help of sites like

Best Instagram Spots in Toronto

Most Instagram spots in Toronto are free and open to the public. However, some of them charge fees, such as the CN Tower. So, if you have foreign currency, you can exchange it at Knightsbridge FX and get the Canadian dollars to pay for the entry fees.

1. CN Tower

Once you land in Toronto, the CN Tower is a must-visit spot. This tower is about 1,800 feet high with 147 floors. At the top, you’ll find a rotating restaurant and an observation deck that allows you to capture an aerial view of Toronto Skyline. You can visit the spot at any time, but you’ll have to pay for a ticket.

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2.    Nathan Phillips Square

Located at the heart of Toronto City, Nathan Phillips Square is one of the most fantastic places to shoot Instagram-worthy photos. The ‘TORONTO’ sign at the front of City Hall looks lovely at night. Each letter is lighted up by unique bright colors, making it a perfect spot for Instagram photos. You can take pictures here for free.

3.    Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Located on the southern part of Lake Shore Boulevard West, Humber Bay Bridge offers a great view of Toronto City from a distance. You can take pictures at the bridge at night or sunrise when a few people are crossing. The good news is that you don’t need to pay any fee to take pictures at the Humber Bay Bridge.

4.    Royal Ontario Museum

The museum’s front facade has a unique architecture known as the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. It looks stunning during the day, but more beautiful at night. So, the best time to take an Instagram photo at the Royal Ontario Museum is at night. It will cost you nothing to pose for a photo outside the museum.

5.    Museum Subway Stop

When accessing the Royal Ontario Museum using the subway, you need to stop for an incredible Instagram photo. The subway stop has many fantastic pillars inspired by iconic symbols from the ancient cultures of different countries, including Canada, China, Egypt, and Greece. You need to pay for a subway ticket to access this spot.

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6.    Art Gallery of Ontario

Whether outside or inside, the Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the most fantastic spots to take an Instagram photo. Its architecture and ever-rotating exhibits look beautiful, making it a perfect place for photography. You can also take pictures at the gallery’s main spiral staircase. You may have to pay for entry tickets.

7.    Scarborough Bluffs Park

If you love nature, the Scarborough Bluffs Park will be a perfect spot for Instagram photos. It has beautiful beaches and boathouses that provide thrilling experiences to people visiting the site. Any photo taken at the Scarborough Bluffs Park at any time of the day looks fantastic, whether at sunset or sunrise.

8.    Ripley’s Aquarium

This aquarium looks excellent and impressive. The water’s blue and purple hues create a beautiful view as you watch the fish swimming. You can take as many photos as possible with all species of fish and water animals. When taking photographs, you can use your phone or hire a photographer at the aquarium.

9.    Polson Pier

Polson pier offers a spectacular view of Toronto’s cityscape, making it one of the best spots for Instagram photos. At day time, you’ll get a stunning view of Toronto City across the blue waters. You can also take some perfect pictures from Polson Pier at sunset as you watch the glittering lights of the city.

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Final Words

It’s no doubt that there are many more Instagram spots in Toronto other than the ones mentioned above. You can search for such places online or inquire from friends. Other incredible Toronto Instagram spots include the Niagara Falls, High Park, Fairmont Royal Mont, and the Sugar Beach.

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