June 19

8 Tips for Requesting a Standing Desk from Work


If you have to be at your desk for hours and hours a day, you might as well take steps to make the experience less taxing on your body. Research suggests that sitting all day increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes, so if it’s in the budget, request a standing desk. We’ve rounded up eight tips on how best to do just that!


1) Find strong allies among managers and colleagues.

Let everyone you work with know how much healthier standing can be for you. If they’re convinced, they may be more likely to vote for an expense account when approving furniture purchases. Also, consider asking your boss to send out a company-wide email encouraging others to fight the good fight with you.


2) Show that plenty of companies are doing it.

When you ask your company to go above and beyond in this way, they’ll probably want to see evidence that other companies have already done it. Check out these 15 companies that offer a standing desk. Also, talk about how the culture at these companies is changing. For instance, at Cisco, the company created a walking path on the top floor so employees could get their steps in. As more companies do this and make it a priority to promote healthy habits among employees, you’ll have another compelling argument for your company “NO.”

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3) Poll your colleagues.

You don’t have to know what you want ahead of time in order to get feedback from others. Ask a trusted colleague for help brainstorming different designs or perks that might be cool with other people. The responses will likely be different than what you’d hear if you just told them you wanted a standing desk as it may seem cooler when they’re not involved in making any decisions themselves.


5) Keep everyone in the loop.

If your request is successful, be super-communicative about how the standing desk is working out for you. If you’re happy with it, make sure everyone knows it! If you are not (for whatever reason…although hopefully not because the standing desk isn’t helping), then again, keep people posted on the issue. Also, they probably would like to be able to provide you with a standing desk if they, too, want or need one. Lastly, let all of your coworkers know that maybe they should consider a standing desk at some point in the future.


6) Play up the perks.

When you express that you have a standing desk and an ergonomic desk chair, be sure to also list the benefits of wearing pants all day (thanks for covering my butt!) and how it makes your co-workers more productive by not having to sit on their phones constantly during meetings. Also mention that if everyone walked more throughout work, you wouldn’t spend as much time sitting on the toilet (that’s what she said). Don’t just mention these perks however, use them to your advantage when it comes to selling a standing desk. If you make them your main selling point, you’ll be sure to have a much easier time getting approval from the powers that be.

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7) Be earnest in pressing for standing desks.

Even though you’re not really demanding anything, but rather politely asking for a better work space, be sincere in your request and let it show that you’re serious about how these changes will affect your health. This can help you get your request approved more quickly and easily, as well as improve the likelihood of re-use of the desk in the future.


8) Remember that it’s not going to be an instantaneous fix.

It may take a few weeks for you to get used to sitting on your feet all day and this is okay, but it’s important to remember how long the process could be here. Your body will have time to adjust, so don’t stress too much about this if you’re still not quite on board yet.



You may have to be persistent when it comes to getting your company to provide you with a standing desk, but don’t give up. If you’re lucky enough to get one, take advantage of the opportunity, and help make others’ lives more healthy by advocating for others to do the same.




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