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6 Common Mistakes in Lead Generation and How to Avoid Them


Is your business struggling to make conversions on leads, and you don’t seem to identify the loopholes? Companies allocate a lot of their financial resources to generate leads.

However, it becomes troubling to achieve the intended results due to grievance mistakes in lead generation. Most of the failures are attributed to nitty-gritty mistakes that you can avoid. You’ll get surprised by how what seems obvious can affect your leads a great deal.

If you’re struggling to identify those mistakes, this is the article for you. Read along to understand common mistakes done in lead generation and how to avoid them.


1. Generic Brand Awareness

Often businesses tend to use generic messages to create brand awareness to customers. Your customer’s personality varies; thus, you should tweak your messages to speak to individual personas.

If you’re running an email marketing campaign, make sure you refer to your target by their names. Personalized content ensures that your campaign speaks on a personal level to the targeted customer.

2. Lack of Diversified Lead Channels

Don’t concentrate too much of your resources on one social media lead generation channel. Test as many channels as possible to have a clue on what each of the channels has to offer. After that, you can redirect your efforts proportionally with regard to potential leads from each channel.

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3. Short-Term Implementation

The sole purpose of lead generation is to put your brand’s name on top of people’s minds until a need arises. When you run a lead generation campaign over a short period, it beats the purpose. Don’t plan a campaign; then, a few weeks later, you start to analyze the numbers to see if it works.

Your lead generation efforts should run over an extended period to make it effective and improve the numbers over time. If you make noise for a bit longer, people will start noticing you.

4. Mishandling Leads

Ensure your leads don’t fall through the cracks. Incorporate in your lead generation strategy how follow-ups are to be conducted and how to handle in-house leads. Think about how you can nurture your prospects who at the moment aren’t ready to buy.

5. Poor Landing Page

Ensure you have a well-designed landing page where your leads can access more information about your products. Landing pages have an average of 10% conversion rate which you can leverage in your lead generation strategy.

Most companies fail to have a clear call to action to convert potential leads when designing landing pages. Have a call to action that invites the client to call or request a quotation.

6. Outsource Expertise

If you’re a small business with inadequate in-house expertise to handle your lead generation, outsource the services. Hire a b2b lead generation agency to handle all the tasks for you.

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Improve Your Conversion Rates by Avoiding These Mistakes in Lead Generation

There are many other mistakes companies end up making that affect their conversion rates. Try and learn from the above mistakes in lead generation that you can avoid to skyrocket your potential.

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