December 9

6 Benefits of Surfing


Costa Rica borders the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean to the east. According to an article, surf tourism is on the increase in Costa Rica. The ICT statistics state that more than 250,000 surfers come to Costa Rica and spend over 120 US dollars each day. After all, surfing is simply a delight, and you get to be active, social, and close to nature. Further, it is a lot more fun and makes you feel euphoric. If you want to try surfing at a luxury surf resort, you can visit a Costa Rica surf resort. In case you are hesitant about beginning surf lessons, you can read further to know the benefits.


Cardiovascular, diastolic, systolic, and heart health: To paddle against the waves means a significant amount of physical fitness. You need to paddle consistently and get your cardiovascular muscles pumping hard. You can decrease the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and other diseases while keeping yourself healthy and fit. After all, when you train your body, you can ensure that it rests the heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. If you want a healthy dose of cardio, surfing is an excellent choice. You can visit a luxurious Costa Rica surf resort to reap these benefits.

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Calorie burner: According to an article, an average person can burn 215 to 290 calories each hour with recreational surfing. Additionally, if you are into competitive surfing, you can burn 350 to 500 calories per hour. For instance, an average person weighing 180 pounds can burn 130 to 260 calories after surfing for 30 to 60 minutes. It entirely depends upon the session’s intensity. You can paddle out with ease and catch the green, smooth and clean waves. You can ensure that surfing and getting out in the waves is better than sitting for a prolonged time.


Tones your overall body: If you want your physique to remain trim, you must surf regularly. Surfing is a resistance training exercise, which allows you to utilize your own body weight. You won’t be able to replicate your paddling strength in a gym or at home. Surfing can tone your butt, legs, back muscles, and arms. Hence, you must paddle whenever possible. Many surfing professionals paddle without waves and train by the flat water. You can begin by paddling for 20 minutes in one direction and back.


Boosts your immune system: According to some studies, when you regularly dip your body in cold water, it can greatly benefit the body. The release of stress hormones promotes a feeling of invigoration. The pressure of the cold water can ease pain, tension, and headaches since it is highly anti-inflammatory. To heighten the pre-disposed metabolic rate of the body, many people believe that cold water helps since the water’s temperature allows the body to heat up at a swift rate. But remember that the effects of cold water can be fatal.

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Improved sleep quality: If you are outside, it increases melatonin with your circadian rhythm and helps you to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. It promotes a night of healthy sleep by allowing you to fall asleep faster. Physical exhaustion helps you sleep faster and allows your body to repair the muscles. Hence, it is recommended to exercise regularly. You will also feel energized when you surf. So, if you want to improve your sleep quality, you can visit a Costa Rica surf resort and make the most of surfing. You will definitely find the best luxurious surf resorts in Costa Rica.


Skin and hair health: Saltwater can detoxify pollutants gained from products, chemicals, and pollution. After all, it acts as a natural exfoliator to the hair and scalp. Additionally, it helps in cleaning the hair roots and tips effectively and naturally.

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